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  1. TheLocalHentai

    [Spoiler] Combat Netrunner: Erebus or MilTech Canto Mk6

    Erebus is basically Body/Shotgun Obliteration lite, a shotgun smg that has a hard threshold to proc instant kill. Despite the description and the bulky look, it's actually a pretty well mannered smg with decent reload speed, accuracy, good damage, and handling. If you're building for reflex on...
  2. TheLocalHentai

    What is your favorite weapon?

    Testera and Nue Testera is my go-to. Kills absolutely everything with one trigger pull and more than one person most of the time. Great run and bash technique especially due to reload cancelling, can be kitted out for AoE, good ammo economy, crowd control early-mid, lots of pellets to proc...
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    Now playing [music]

  4. TheLocalHentai

    Best time to start PL? Suggested level?

    Started a new game after the dlc dropped and the right time would be right after doing all the "find a cure" branches but before the parade. It's sorta like a last hope thing, where V (thinks he) doesn't have to take the last resort with Hanako and doesn't have all of Arasaka wanting to kill...
  5. TheLocalHentai

    Why would V care about the President or Songbird?

    V is more of a merc than an anticorpo rockerboy, if he was, he'd probably be chums with Johnny from the outset. What Somi provides is basically the ultimate gig with the ultimate reward and while, yes, you can turn down the job and tell them all to go fuck themselves (anticorpo and all that)...
  6. TheLocalHentai

    Kerenzikov + melee weapons after 2.0

    Killing Floor has something similar and yeah, it's annoying even if it's a bonus.
  7. TheLocalHentai

    Braindance has replaced my heal slot

    It's a bug. Probably an overflow during cutscenes or events because of the slot/ui overhaul and stuff from the inventory just gets equipped into the slot. In my game, eyewear was the thing that kept being equipped there. Reequip your healing tool.
  8. TheLocalHentai

    Cyberware Capacity Shards.

    We're all in this together trying to figure it out. The general consensus is that the drops do start falling off hard at around 350 and aside from the exploit to get more, people tend to notice that they just kinda stop dropping. I HAVE found one after maxing out at 350 with a legendary drop...
  9. TheLocalHentai

    Cyberware Capacity Shards.

    There's a soft cap around that range (~350) where the drop rate just falls off a cliff and it becomes super rare to drop. The side bar gets bugged past 400 and higher cyberware usage values does mess with the trigger point of Edgerunner's fury mode, so it most likely is intended. The bar itself...
  10. TheLocalHentai

    V’s apartment door star open

    The behavior is definitely different to pre-2.0. Think the ids they used for the apartment doors got nudged up (maybe has something to do with the PL hideout door?) and the main apartment door and the armory door has switched behaviors, with the armory door ALWAYS being closed rather than being...
  11. TheLocalHentai

    [BUG] cyberdeck unable to be used, other OS work fine

    This seems like more of a bug of the mod you are using (guessing Cyberware EX) than of the game. Your cyberware capacity also looks maxed out. Remove all the parts and then put most of them back with a cyberdeck or get more cyberware capacity shards.
  12. TheLocalHentai

    What's the max number for perk points that you can get when you get 60 & have the expansion Phantom Liberty?

    It's only the one from the shop, there are some hidden ones around the full map and NCPD gigs.
  13. TheLocalHentai

    Funny GOG Cloud Save

    Cyberpunk 2081 confirmed
  14. TheLocalHentai

    [BUG] The Hercules 3AX doesnt work with target locking perks.

    Thought the "smart capability" is attached to the scope itself as per lore and that's why it can be used as such without a smartlink. Thematically, it does make sense that it would behave in a unique way and not beholden to external smartlink features but at the same time, this is such a minor...
  15. TheLocalHentai

    Cyberware Capacity and locking tiers to level

    The softcap is necessary because it would mean someone that doesn't want to put points into tech can easily get chromed out, with the possibility of reaching maximum chrome status compared to someone that has put points into the tree and on the other side of the spectrum, players are meant to...
  16. TheLocalHentai

    [BUG] Panam Phantom Liberty voicelines have cell phone call sound in person

    She also sits to have to same on-call position. The lines for goodbye is also switched, so when you try to say your farewells, she instead talks about the phantom liberty things.
  17. TheLocalHentai

    [SPOILER] New ending Mitch and Panam

    Agree that the writing was a little heavy handed in regards to making the story "more cyberpunk" so that it needed to shit on V for very contrived reasons. Friends and the love interest should have been there for V but depending how deep the relationship is, how long they're willing to wait for...
  18. TheLocalHentai

    The blackwall hack is too weak.

    It's in a really weird spot. It can be great with a low QH investment build but still needs INT for Overclock and the initial uploads are too slow but once that's done, it becomes ridiculous. It would be great to make the initial uploads a bit faster and it does some intense damage over time if...
  19. TheLocalHentai

    Do ripper Doc all sell the same stuff?

    That's why it's best to let that little shit ripperdoc live on top of the scav site, buying all the gear for dirt cheap, then dropping a few grenades/rockets his way, walking out the door. The whole vendor system in the game kinda took a backward step in immersion.
  20. TheLocalHentai

    I thought this was funny after i killed some goons in an police assault lol

    Had a hobo in one of my games who was doing the "warming up" animation by a fire but she was spawned on top of it and she was on fire. Kept screaming in pain and making the face, everyone else minding their own business. It was obviously a bug, at the same time, it fit perfectly in Night City.
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