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  1. Czech Death

    What is your favorite weapon?

    Same - hands down best weap. for my playstyle. The phantom libery tsunami sniper is OK, but I switched back to Breakthrough it is just better. I also enjoy Katanas a lot. The game reminds me of good old shadow warrior when I pull the sword out and I am somewhere were dragon claws theme is...
  2. Czech Death

    F*ck the modern world!

    Postmodernism! Also WHY videogame forum? And lastly relax none of this will matter in 1000 years.
  3. Czech Death

    2.1 patch LOD issues + other stuff

    Well fingers crossed - nothing this year. CDPR for the love of god and baby Jesus, take the rest of the year off, kick back and finally get a breather xD
  4. Czech Death

    [BUG] Hi Ho Silver Lining - Mr Hands stuck.

    Yep same issue I have - everything else for hands was finished. even the base game gigs. Wanted to see me personally, I fallow the marker and same sitch you can see on this screenshot. I almost expected him to pull Katoo (pink panther reference) and jump out of a closet at me xD
  5. Czech Death

    Update 2.1

    Oh but there is - no not mod. This is in vanilla game. Phantom Liberty. However we got trolled, this flashlight is part of one mission. xD Can u imagine CDPR added this in to the game for users to have at any time? I can - the forums would explode with even more whining and unhappy and down...
  6. Czech Death

    2.1 Bugs Make This Update Unenjoyable To Play

    Thats how gamedev goes choom. Even modding. I understand that the youngsters are bit less patient and much more entitled, but c'mon.
  7. Czech Death

    2.1 patch LOD issues + other stuff

    Yeah CP had all sorts of lod issues since day one - anyone remembers the parking machines? xD Anyways, I dont think we will get any more patches or updates. So Unless theres a mod we are going to have to wait till Cyberpunk2 and see how UE5 handles the glory of NC.
  8. Czech Death

    Timing of the holocalls

    Not texting - holocalls. Regina reacting instantly is odd cause she is suppose to do some research and that, I AM SOORY FRIEND, takes time. So no not realistic delay when texting wtih Panam - that is not what I am talking about nor it ever was. 1702647581 Well sure it is faster, but it seems...
  9. Czech Death

    Timing of the holocalls

    Hello. There is a immersion thing I noticed from day one that did not change much - texting changed for better - more or less, but rest of communication is still too artificial in its timing. The holocalls around quests and gigs are suffering this strange timing - namely all the reactions are...
  10. Czech Death

    Gangs Coming after V in 2.1

    Hmm I have stated previously that I really enjoy it. That didn't change, however after the initial flood of encounters with each new revisited territory, it is now pretty quiet. I am almost done wtih the gigs, and even when I agro a group during a gig, there is no retallation. I seem to have...
  11. Czech Death

    2.1 or Annoying Partner [and other complaints]

    im using just Jackies ARCH - Arch bikes sound the same as far as i can tell, except for multiple startup sounds playing at once and there are added the grear shift and possible other misc sounds. - its fine. Sport bike that sounds like a choper is typical for IRL ARCH bikes. So thats fine.
  12. Czech Death

    2.1 or Annoying Partner [and other complaints]

    Hmm I have to agree with the gearshift sounds. It makes some of the cars seem like pieces of junk. Only cars where you can really hear that are either stripped down racers or really really beaten up wrecks. Not brand new thorton pickup that. I do appreciate more robust soundscapes and richer...
  13. Czech Death

    CDPR, stop with the 1st person (explained)

    Very very sad to read that.
  14. Czech Death

    2.1 Bugs Make This Update Unenjoyable To Play

    Not a bug, bud. When u purchase it. El Captain writes u a message to your phone, informing u that the car got lost and you have to go to coordinates and try and pick it up. - Mini quest if you will.
  15. Czech Death

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    well making sense is kinda subjective thing. But I cant imagine in any kind of real life scenario, that all the gangsters would keep an eye on all of their enemies all of the time. Experience tells me that there is more like somebody pointing different groups to go after different people. So...
  16. Czech Death

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    Yeah instead of one scripted copcar, actual police system cop cars worth two stars, will appear as they do in police system and as always all the patrolling cops both on foot and in cars, bikes will look for you, so you can escalate it if you fight back instead of running away. Pleasant...
  17. Czech Death

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    Looks like rayreconstruction is now avalible for all RTX cards - finally makes it all look very clean and crisp - also the denoiser flicker (colorful spars everywhere) is almost entirely gone ! WOOHOO! Also icon for Locust got fixed - preview now shows gray car ANd I am noticing just now...
  18. Czech Death

    HUGE THANK YOU! No buts, no howevers.

    Nothing complicated, just a bunch of thumb-ups of appreciation for all of it. No buts, no however, no suggestions, no whining - not here. Have things to add? Be my guest xD I have been playing this game since day one. As somebody that games since 1996, almost exclusively FPS and almost...
  19. Czech Death

    Gangs Coming after V in 2.1

    I love it. City feels even more live and reactive now. Got attacked right away when I jumped in almost finished third playthru. Mopping up last gigs. FINALLY when I steal a freakin car in base game gig, 6thstreet and dragonclaws and valentinos DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Instead of shrugging and...
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