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  1. _Fender_

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    Found this yellow Arch yesterday which corresponded very well with my V`s outfit, so I had to take it.
  2. _Fender_

    Next patch rampant speculations

    They might also wait with 1.5 until next-gen is ready (which is other thing) so its really hard to tell when...
  3. _Fender_

    Next patch rampant speculations

    Its also way more efficient to work on one patch instead of two. A lot of stuff like testing doubles a time needed and at this point there are no game breaking bugs so its rather lets have a nice, fancy upgrade people will like instead of eliminating broken elements.
  4. _Fender_

    New Story DLC

    The only argument for post main story DLC might be that Pawel Sasko agreed that doing side jobs while dying concept was not done right so if DLC would put 20% more content of side jobs, it would even strenghten that feeling. But it might be just an opinion of some devs. Another thing would be...
  5. _Fender_

    New Story DLC

    Nope. And I guess we will know anything earliest in spring.
  6. _Fender_

    IGN: "DLC Expansion primed to arrive between march and may", is this true?

    Well they postpone december release because it wasnt on track giving themself up to additional 3 months. There is no more information so far so its safe to assume that they will release it in Q1. Question is more like is it 2 or 5 weeks from now. Major patches had live stream before release so...
  7. _Fender_

    IGN: "DLC Expansion primed to arrive between march and may", is this true?

    In less than month you will probably get live presentation of whats to come.
  8. _Fender_

    Do you feel immersed in 2077? Well, you're not alone.

    I guess it will be very wise in a future to continue development of 2 IP`s where Witcher is 3rd person premade character and CP is make as 1st person custom creation like right now. Both cases have some friends and foes but feels like its most optimal option to put first/third person ideas where...
  9. _Fender_

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Dyskusja ogólna

    Kolory ktore po restarcie gry wracaja do domyslnych. Fajnie, ale tak jak w przypadkach wielu innych modow brzmi to fajnie a wykonanie niestety nie bedzie na poziomie oficjalnego wydawnictwa.
  10. _Fender_

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Meeting Panam Now I know why rushed so fast to a room
  11. _Fender_

    Vehicle moving.

    I`m using driving mod which basically adds another key for 50% acceleration. Night and day difference,
  12. _Fender_

    Do you feel immersed in 2077? Well, you're not alone.

    Yeah the more I play (4th playthrough), the more I take it slow and just enjoy breathing city. I really miss it when not playing for some time. So I wish there could be some additional things to do - dont care about minigames but just having a cause to visit afterlife or any other bar for a...
  13. _Fender_

    Next patch rampant speculations

    Good to see some traction but it was kind of expected. Its a big patch so testing might take even longer than usually. Woudnt expect it in less than 2 weeks.
  14. _Fender_

    missing sign posts

    Yes. There is a strange and known bug with some objects missing while getting closer instead of further away.
  15. _Fender_

    Is there still a chance to see the subway implemented in Night City? 🚇

    I dont think it will be implemented. There is a lot of obstacles to deal with - Ai basically doesnt work well in confined space and I dont think it would look believable without tons of money put in this project which not many people would use at the end.
  16. _Fender_

    NPC/weapon fade-in when they appear

    I believe it was part of optimalisation process which unfortunately doesnt look great. Nothing to do about it. Hopefully with general optimalisation for next gen it will not be a issue no more.
  17. _Fender_

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Take it or flush it
  18. _Fender_

    City race with Claire feels unfinished

    Well I think all those rides without any dialogues are kind of boring and still asking myself why they didnt bother to add couple sentences of extra stuff which would give players totally different expierence.
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