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  1. iCake

    Patch 4.04 is live on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch!

    Have kept the game on my PC since the initial release of this Next Gen Upgrade and with each every patch I load up the game only to find the visual glitches that bother me very much still there: - Discoloration of Geralt's hair if Hair Works and RayTracing are on under certain light conditions...
  2. iCake

    I'm logged in to REDLauncher, but I'm still not receiving my rewards

    @LeKill3rFou it is not about CET per se. It is vanilla kind of behavior. In short, don't have your "breach screen" bypassed - there is a launch flag you can use in command line to have the breach screen go away automatically, why I am saying it is vanilla. In any case, messing with the breach...
  3. iCake

    Any chance for a path trace update?

    While I'd love to have full PT in the Witcher game too, I think the tech is too "raw" for it yet. Cyberpunk does look amazing with PT but there are currently too many distracting issues with "fireflies", denoising and sample accumulation artificats, at least to my taste. I personally think...
  4. iCake

    Patch 4.03 — list of changes

    I've personally been waiting for a fix to broken interior lighting and hairworks discoloration when the RT is on to begin my first next-gen Witcher 3 playthrough. Unhappy to report that I am going to have to wait some more :)
  5. iCake

    New NVidia Drivers cause crashes

    Nothing like that happens with me. Latest drivers and games work just fine without any crashing. If I were you I'd do this: - kill off any overclock, even XMP on ram if I had any if that does not help, I'd use MSI afterburner to undeclock my card and/or powerlimit it to see if that helps...
  6. iCake

    Actual Chances to Acquire Quickhacks?

    Can I ask what you mean? I am really scratching my head now. This Datamine Virtuoso can literally raise your chances to obtain a quick hack to 100% with just 2 points invested and it's the only way to get the Ultimate Quick Hacks before your intelligence is raised to 20, but then one can argue...
  7. iCake

    2K or 4K ?

    I'd take higher refresh over resolution each day of the week :) Then like the person above said, 2K is a tremendously less load on your video card, so you will be able to stay on the same GPU for a lot longer. However, if you are going for a big monitor, I mean like more than 30'', then 4K may...
  8. iCake

    Actual Chances to Acquire Quickhacks?

    I've little idea about the base chances. I'd say they are very slim. The perk itself is very much worth it as it is pretty much the only way to acquire all/most useful Ultimate Quickhacks without having to raise Intelligence to 20 and investing in Bartmoss Legacy perk. Not to mention that even...
  9. iCake

    PC Hotfix

    Indeed and it's not just Bethesda or CDPR who ever released a game that is in rough state at launch. Indeed as well. I am not saying I endorse games coming out broken, quite the opposite actually. It's just that Bethesda games stay broken, when Cyberpunk is clearly being worked and improved on...
  10. iCake

    PC Hotfix

    They call it a preview for a reason. It's not in full release yet. That sounds like your gaming "career" is very short to be honest. I truly understand that you have the right to be frustrated or even pissed with the state of the game but then I am really not sure how Bethesda releases always...
  11. iCake

    PC Hotfix

    Hoped that the upodate would fix texture/denoiser bugs with overdrive, but no, nothing changed. Mods are messed up though :) Well, back to other games for the wait I guess.
  12. iCake

    Path Tracing: Flashing when sun hits grated walls/windows

    That sounds just like there's too few rays to resolve the details well enough for the denoiser pass to output anything coherent. For the record, the denoiser pass is one of the biggest reason Ray Tracing is even possible in real time as to stay real time you have to be working with very low ray...
  13. iCake

    LOD of Fences & Apartment Terminals Could Use Improvements

    The chain link lod is a bug introduced in 1.61 as far as I know, they worked just fine way back when. 1.62 with overdrive really highlighted that the fences need to be fixed asap. what noise they create in that state :)
  14. iCake

    Performance drops over time with RT overdrive

    That sounds like VRAM overflow - I had exactly the same thing happen on regularly RT on my 3070Ti. So, to confirm this, use a monitoring software like RivaTuner (MSI Afterburner) and check the VRAM usage when the performance starts to tank. To answer your other question. 4090 now paired with a...
  15. iCake

    RT Overdrive Update

    Stumbled across this mod -> the author of which played around with the number of bounces and rays cast with path tracing. Boy oh boy, does it produce interesting results! 2 bounces 4 rays cast as opposed to vanilla 2 for 2. The most performant preset and as far as I can tell the performance is...
  16. iCake

    RT Overdrive Update

    I don't think it has ever had anything to do with DLSS directly but to RayTracing. You can see these Fireflies in pretty much any RayTraced game now in some scenes. If anything, DLSS just may be a catalyst for it but not the cause. Lower resolution, less data for RT. I can't be 100% sure or...
  17. iCake

    Glitering/Sparkling Textures using Ray Tracing : Overdrive Mode

    Yes, happens in my game and often too. If I were too guess, that is due to the insufficient amount of rays cast to resolve lightning and shading. Happens often on surfaces, like walls, it does not have to be npcs, where light is obstructed by other objects and has troubles reaching. The denoiser...
  18. iCake

    RT Overdrive Update

    Such visual glitches kind of ruin this update for me. I mean I don't think it's completely fair to bash on what is essentially a tech preview and boy oh boy, does it look imppressive when it works as intended! However, these glitches are very common. Just some of them - Weird patterns on some...
  19. iCake

    Is smoking actually all that bad in game?

    Well, if you are on PC, here's the wish come true :)
  20. iCake

    Fight with guns

    As far as I know the game automatically grants you a pistol and equips it automatically too after the dialog with Royce. Always hated that moment, but I guess it is specifically done so that you have something to shoot with in case you came bare handed? I'd prefer though if it would just check...
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