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  1. Lantea

    Suggestion - Returning Journeys for Meteorite Powder

    I don't believe it either, until I actually see some action on it. I really hope they come through with some content and something to spend resources on for veteran players. As it is now there is just no incentive to play or even to buy the new Journeys unless you really want a specific...
  2. Lantea

    Suggestion - Returning Journeys for Meteorite Powder

    Now that the Journeys are returning back, it would be a good option to offer them for meteorite powder as well. e.g. if they normally cost around €9 sell them for €18 worth of powder (4500 powder). For those that have a full premium collection it would finally offer an alternative way to spend...
  3. Lantea

    2022 Roadmap announcement

    That is rather disappointing. So just one more Journey and then no new Progression content for the rest of this the end of active Gwent development? Finish and bring back old Journeys for new players, polish few archetypes in few new releases to fill in missing gaps and one more...
  4. Lantea

    Season of the Elf and Update 8.4 are LIVE!

    If you don't like something you let the devs know, its called feedback; how are they going to know what the player base prefers when everyone keeps quiet and if someone expresses a contrary or negative view of something they get shot down? As you said "not everyone shares that opinion" and I...
  5. Lantea

    Season of the Elf and Update 8.4 are LIVE!

    So which ones are actually full of cardbacks and boards? There is one board in all the treas and one or two cardbacks excluding the seasonal ones, so we definitely could use more of the interesting vanities rather then another useless avatar or title.
  6. Lantea

    Season of the Elf and Update 8.4 are LIVE!

    No offense, but if you are going to produce such boring and uninspired filler Reward Book Trees as the Master Mirror add ons, then you are just better off not doing them at all. Titles and Avatars are the most boring thing in reward trees as most players already have 300+ of each and you can...
  7. Lantea

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Looks good; but the best thing for driving you can do is make the mini map zoom dynamic with the speed of the vehicle. Hate missing turns all the time.
  8. Lantea

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Why are there no new seasonal trees this Year?
  9. Lantea

    Two new trees!

    Really disappointed about the lack of cosmetics in these trees; there is no new cardback, no new board, no new leader skins ... sad; only one border, one title and few avatars, which are the least interesting cosmetics IMO. Also sad that there are no new Seasonal trees, will be a dull Gwent...
  10. Lantea

    Petition Against Cyberpunk Multiplayer.

    I have no interest in anything to do with Cyberpunk multiplayer; I rather want to see more single player content; it would be such a shame if CDPR pulled a R* when they completely abandoned GTA V single player content when they decided to milk GTA Online and only deliver new content for that crap;
  11. Lantea

    8.3 Patch notes

    Why no info about the new Gwent year, or how the next year reward book will work?
  12. Lantea

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Will we ever see Cerys as a leader :)
  13. Lantea

    Armadillo mod - the only viable choice?

    You don't need the armadillo mod to beat the game and have fun; I have not used any armadillo or any other legendary mod in my first play through and only started messing around with crafting and insane OP pistols after I finished nearly all the endings. After finishing the game and starting to...
  14. Lantea

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    There definitely is, considering the Gwent team at CDPR were not able to update weekly Journey Story since the hack, which means they have no access to the servers yet. So if they can't update a live service game, nobody else has access to the servers from home either, including all Cyberpunk staff.
  15. Lantea

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    IMO new DLC is so far out for CDPR at the moment it makes no sense to say anything about it; I would not expect any new DLC content in 2021,maybe some minor free content updates in 2H; and with probably more then a year away a lot can change. I would rather have communication about stuff that is...
  16. Lantea

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    Its pretty clean CDPR has gone into a no-communication mode about all future content and releases, and only giving small updates at the last possible second when something goes wrong. If you play Gwent you are very familiar with this terrible stance to communication; the last several big content...
  17. Lantea

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    No problem the update is delayed for obvious reasons; the problem is the failure of your communication once again; leaving it to the last possible moment at end of February to announce the delay, when you should have done it weeks ago and save those few people who still root for you from false...
  18. Lantea

    Sex scene

    LOL, exactly, the whole environment screams sex, and then you have a complete lack of it in all gameplay elements of the game. Having just 4 prostitutes in the whole city that has hundreds of explicit sex ads all over the place is a complete joke. The damn city does not even have a functional...
  19. Lantea

    Where is the news for 1.2 ?

    Regardless of when or if the patch comes in February, a much bigger issue everyone should be concerned about is the utter lack of communication and transparency from CDPR; and this is not just in regards to Cyberpunk, the Gwent team has been just as terrible if not ever worse at communication...
  20. Lantea

    Is Act I the Cyberpunk 2077 game we wanted?

    It seems obvious the whole first part of the game that should have been at least 10-20 hours of game play was cut and replaced by a 30 second cut scene, which has negatively impacted the character development and as a result made the whole game a lot worse. One can only hope they will make this...
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