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  1. Yeiiow

    A New Saga Begins

  2. Yeiiow

    Was I just punished for exploring? Is this right? The Beast of White Orchard quest(mild main quest spoilers).

    There is a simple and elegant solution to this kind of things that would have not been hard to implement: - Simply don't have hidden secondary objectives show up when they "fail" on the quest log. Why would a mistery side objetive on a quest, show up when you complete said quest without even...
  3. Yeiiow

    Canonical decisions in The Witcher Saga

    Honestly, don't bother. I must have done at leat 8 full playtroughs of The Witcher, around 4 of The Witcher 2 and just 1 of The Witcher 3. While all 3 games are quite good in their own terms (each exceeding in particular parts, while regressing in others), they do a poor job at creating a...
  4. Yeiiow

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the next generation!

    That is great. Also a great time to do an EE of Witcher 3, or even better, a remastered triology.
  5. Yeiiow

    [SPOILERS] The lack of Witcher 2 decisions and content in The Witcher 3.

    I think you will find this, as well as the 2 not yet released videos very interesting.
  6. Yeiiow

    Thronebreaker choices

    Agree, it would be kind of cool to have.
  7. Yeiiow

    Feedback from a newcomer

    After having played Thronebreaker on the past two days, start to end, i have some new thoughs, specifically regarding the new art direction. I feel that the game board transformation into something more resembling of a battlefield, as well as the Leader Cards now being transformed into a 3d...
  8. Yeiiow

    What’s Your Opinion of Thronebreaker? [Spoilers]

    Great game overall with a good solid story, memorable characters, good world building and atmosphere and good music, among many other things. However, when it comes to gameplay, i find it lackluster at best. - Running around with Meve, clicking on loot(grinding) is far from engaging, specially...
  9. Yeiiow

    Thronebreaker - Ivo of Belhaven [Spoiler]

    He is just there for some sort of fan-service and exposition, and i personally found his apareance to be honest very wierd and anticlimatic. I would prefer it if at least for the stories that are gonna be based on book lore, they did no introduced needless new characters that do no move the...
  10. Yeiiow

    Feedback from a newcomer

    Thanks, is it explained anywhere ingame? Thanks, i did figure that out eventually, but its something that should at least be mentioned during the tutorial or at some other point. I understand why it is there, its actually something i wish was on TW3 gwet to prevent us from steamrolling...
  11. Yeiiow

    Feedback from a newcomer

    Having only played a minimum amount of TW3 Gwent before, and a couple of matches of the stand alone game while on early beta, i decied to try the new finaly released game out. My first impresion is it being overwelming and in a bad manner. The tutorial with its own short story is quite neat and...
  12. Yeiiow

    [Spoilers!] Battle of Kaer Morhen Questions

    This is a great action and emotion packed quest overall, but there are a few issues during and leading up to it: Depending on our previous choises, Letho, Keira, and Triss should be present at Kaer Morhen already the first time we get there(way before the battle). There should be a dialog line...
  13. Yeiiow

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Amazing work! Congratulations to both the original artist and to you guys implementing this. Is the original artist and you guys working toguether btw? I had a few gripes with TW2 UI, but i got to say this is superior to anything we got in TW3 vanilla. So atmospheric and immersive! A...
  14. Yeiiow

    Shani's Ending at Corvo Bianco, Toussaint

    Agree, however it should not have been restricted to those who purchased the expansion.
  15. Yeiiow

    Aerondight - possible to import from a Witcher 2 save game?

    That is understandable, great job at that! I wish something with similar grace had been done about Geralt's other noteworthy gear. The ending of the TW2 prologe was the perfect missed oportunity for this in my opinion. Using the fact that he was a prisoner with all his things taken away would...
  16. Yeiiow

    My Frustrations and Problems with playing The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

    I read through the google doc, very well said. TW3 is simply a mixed bag, very good sometimes, yet very bad at other ocations. All the hype and high accolates in my opinion did more harm than good, as CDPR rather than receiving constructive critisism just got bombarded with 10/10s and...
  17. Yeiiow

    Why would Geralt go to Tousaint before finding Ciri?

    This issue is sadly not only present on the expansions but also all though out the game with many of the side quest and activities. It creates a lot of suspension of disbelieve. I think it's simply too hard to make an open world game with player freedom, while at the same time having a "time...
  18. Yeiiow

    [BOOK SPOILERS] Lady of the Lake. Just finished reading.

    No they are not, so please don't spread false information. I personally like to think of the games as a continuation of the books(even tho there are many plotholes and inconsistencies), however regardeless of personal preferences, the fact is that the games are not cannon. The author of the...
  19. Yeiiow

    [SPOILERS] Witcher 3 vs Witcher 2 vs Witcher 1. Vote and discuss which one is your favorite :)

    All 3 games have their own set of flaws and highlights, some doing particular things better/worse than the others. But it would say they are all overall really good. When it comes down to a favorite i dont really have one, but i can easely say that the first two games are supperior in most...
  20. Yeiiow

    So much negativity around Homecoming on

    My only 2 cents to this thread: I usually dont suport the 1 star ratings methodology... But when people blindly throw 10/10 or 5/5 ratings at a clearly flawed product then 1/10 or 1/5 becomes the only viable counter. In a perfect world this would not be nessesary, but sadly we are not in said...
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