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  1. mewpokemon

    Drawback of voice protagonists

    Hmm... I think its okay for story telling to have a protagonist that comes with some baggage and that's what I think VO adds to. There needed to be more diversions, more paths though the dialogue and so the VO in the game breaks but its otherwise not done too badly. Having two VOs for each...
  2. mewpokemon

    Reduce save file size

    Seems to me like you are saying that the game saves issue is just related to how long you play not by how much stuff you pick up and stash? What if I don't hoard anything? Is the game leaking memory, just having had an item at all? Or is it the vendors?
  3. mewpokemon

    Reduce save file size

    I guess you need to hope that it is just that it isn't releasing the space already allocated and reusing it for new acquisitions... Don't collect more than you had before, I'd say, would be a start.
  4. mewpokemon

    Hold back your GOG review

    Because it isn't what was promised and it was so broken, its obvious its going to change. I'm prepared to wait until February to give my final word. I do hear you though. The PR certainly broaches no concept of it being flawed in feature set, only performance and stability. Very disconcerting.
  5. mewpokemon

    The game is too easy and every build becomes OP way too fast.

    I must confess, I didn't try to abuse the system on my first run though and did the story very quickly so didn't notice many of the problems but I was aware of the possibility. I also haven't really tried the netrunner stuff until now and still only dabbling. But I read here that you don't...
  6. mewpokemon

    Why reveal V's name? [Spoiler]

    I got the impression that they were just being "flirty" or "naughty" by making something else out of his/her name which is still just V, really.
  7. mewpokemon


    They may actually have been around even in the middle ages. I can't remember when exactly but I read it somewhere. Made of animal intestine or something...
  8. mewpokemon

    [Eating and drinking] How to easily increase interactivity with the world and reduce loot

    I don't know about removing the food items from the world map. It is part of the atmosphere, too. Walking into people's places, you could expect to find a bunch of food and drinks. Also, you do say that you want to transport it to your apartment at least? On the food front, I think there...
  9. mewpokemon

    Let me reset my talent/perks

    I really don't mind that you can't, actually. I just keep points and perks aside for times when I feel I want to do stuff and assign them, then. I'm a bit confused why you can reset perks using a cyberware implant. Seems very debuggy to me.
  10. mewpokemon

    [Suggestions] List of features to Add/ Improve/ Expected/ Missing. Feel free to add your own.

    Time Crisis! Is that the one... Hold a pedal: don't shoot for a bit; shoot for a bit; advance cutscene; repeat. They turned an RPG into a arcade shooter instead! That's the analogy I've been looking for! There should be more customisation sequences in the early game, like instead of the...
  11. mewpokemon

    Would you prefer long term improvements to this game, or...

    There's Delamain... But that's not really what you mean, I suppose. There are quite a few action sequences where you are being gunned down, chased whilst driving, though. The police do need a rework. I hate that they go hostile so easily when lingering and the "crime in progress" events are...
  12. mewpokemon

    [Allegedly] Ingame Story Text Takes Jab at CP77

    Hmm.. I don't know. Its not the story or script that's bad about this game.
  13. mewpokemon

    The illusion of time pressure

    V also does go all "the time is nigh" when having the malfunctions too. All of them, even from the get go. The voice acting is overboard on it IMHO but it is otherwise quite good. I agree that saying "maybe a year" would have been much better and everyone chilling out about the inevitable a...
  14. mewpokemon

    Anyone have an issue on consoles where these black dots appear on the ground when driving?

    Sorry you don't say which platform? I don't see them on PC, I don't think.
  15. mewpokemon

    Double jump

    Phone calls are bugged. They probably should have made all such conversation things modal.
  16. mewpokemon

    Would you prefer long term improvements to this game, or...

    At this point, I need to get back some hope that there is going to be a turn-around, that fundamental issues will be addressed without too much delay. I want to see the game last as long as possible but will it even get past February? The handling of the next two patches is going to be very...
  17. mewpokemon

    Hold back your GOG review

    Yes... The diamond in the rough. Its an absolutely huge one but is it riddled with flaws? Need to be able to see what it even is first, its colour now. Its not the gem we were told it was. :P
  18. mewpokemon

    Hold back your GOG review

    I couldn't in good faith, give a lasting, meaningful review right now. Its such a disaster.
  19. mewpokemon

    Hold back your GOG review

    It is not the game I was expecting and release went totally wrong. I'm prepared to wait a while to give them more time to make good on some of the promises or to fill the gaping holes. But if it ain't good by February, I think I can kiss it good-bye. That'd be such a waste.
  20. mewpokemon

    It's fine on my PC

    I don't have many technical issues, either. There have been some strange things happen though. I'm running on Ryzen 9 3900X, Radeon 5700, 32GB RAM, 1080p ultra settings with HDR. For my first play-though, it was really totally smooth sailing. This second one, I am getting more problems with...
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