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  1. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    Replaying the same game with the exact same content over and over again is not synonymous with replayability.
  2. VincentS4

    Disappointed in Corpo life path

    You are basically describing every single RPG ever released. How original. 1621105767 They could have done it, if only they hadn't wasted resources on a huge, empty and lifeless Open World and had made the game on rails like a typical FPS, but with RPG elements and much more choice in...
  3. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    Of course this game is still incomplete, it's still in Beta. :shrug: The difference between the two games is that the TW3 DLCs are expansions that add content to the game, but even without it, the base version of TW3 remains a full game that works well even without any additional content. In...
  4. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    So you just repeat every single choice for every new game? Are you sure you are playing an RPG? And by the way, taste mean nothing, you can have different build in the wither too, but in TW at least quests are way more replayable than any missions in CP77. 1621091130 It's useless because they...
  5. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    That article is so useless, the majority of side quests in this game are completely linear. There is way less replaybility in CP77 than TWIII.
  6. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    They are both Open World RPG. You are right, we should get back to the original subject. Ah! Sorry, I thought we were judging them objectively.
  7. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    In what way is CP77 a better game than The Witcher III? Make some examples.
  8. VincentS4

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    You really think Wither 3 is inferior to CP77? :coolstory: P.S. I don't like The witcher III but i think it's a good game.
  9. VincentS4

    Playstation Store

    Other games were released around the same period just fine, without major problems. And in any case, Covid occurred a couple of months before the first announced release, that was, in April. So... no. Covid has nothing to do with the disastrous launch.
  10. VincentS4

    Playstation Store

    I can assure you that Covid has nothing to do with the disastrous launch.
  11. VincentS4

    Holy crap they ARE listening to us!

    I believe you're a few weeks too late.
  12. VincentS4

    Romances: the option to tell a character your V is gay / straight / whatever

    Yeah, i hated the fact that i couldn't tell RIver that i was already in a relationship with Judy. I felt so bad for him. :cry:
  13. VincentS4

    Post Your Desktop

  14. VincentS4

    The Game of Missed Opportunities...

    This is not true at all, the two are not comparable. In CP77 the extra dialogue from lifepaths are very limited and have no influence at all on the gameplay. In DAO, however, the dialogues related to your origin have a real influence on the game and they are a lot in comparison to CP77. And by...
  15. VincentS4

    The Game of Missed Opportunities...

    To be honest with you, there is nothing much to enjoy in this bare-bones game beside the short main story and some cool missions. If you enjoy what's in the game right now it's up to you, for me i wish this game was more that just a linear story driven single player inserted into a pointless...
  16. VincentS4

    The Game of Missed Opportunities...

    Please, don't compare the lifepath of this game with the origins in Dragon Age, they don't even come close. In Dragon Age: Origins your race and background have an actual influence on the people and the world around you, in this game lifepath barely give you some fancy dialogue that can be...
  17. VincentS4

    Rank your favourite main menu themes (from any videogame)!

    This are the ones i remember: - Dragon Age Origins - Dragon Age Inquisition - Fallout 4 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Metal Gear Solid (1998) - Crash Bandicoot (all three games for PS1) - Spyro the Dragon (all three games for PS1) - Dark Souls III - Megaman 2, 3 & 4 (NES) - Fate Grand Order -...
  18. VincentS4

    Cyberpunk is a gorgeous game.

    What's going on here... :confused: What is this place? r/LowSodiumCyberpunk??? P.S. Don't kill me, i'm just joking.
  19. VincentS4

    To anyone still in doubt: CDPR said they'll continue working on the game, so it can sell for years

    BioWare was also committed to fix and improve Anthem and... We all know the rest of the story. :coolstory:
  20. VincentS4

    Challenge to tell me what is so new/innovative/never done before in CP?

    [...] There is nothing new/innovative written in your post about this game. I don't understand what you are trying to say here. There is nothing so innovative or unique about the story, but i can grant that it is very well done, and i must say it would have been a better idea to make this a...
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