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    [MOD] Witcher Reflex

    [MOD] Witcher Reflex I was sitting on this for a while since the mod is in its early stages and needs further testing, it seems I can't get arround to finish it :wall: But since there are people asking for a faster Geralt, here you go. ^_^ I decided to tie the speed increase to the use of a...
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    Differences in script sources for Steam and GOG version in patch 1.10

    GOG version, did not use galaxy to update. Had compiling errors caused by the duplicate functions in behavior scripts. I'm not really sure but I don't think there are different versions, my guess is the installer did not delete the old scripts folder before copying the new one, so older files...
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    Importing saves, modding? Tech help?

    There might be something you could try. If you have 'Debug Console' enabled open it and type : (CASE SENSITIVE) addfact("simulate_import_ingame") This is the global that the game looks for to trigger the interrogation scene, I'm not sure it will work but it's worth a try.
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    New slots for abillities (request)

    Mod is up on the nexus:cheers2: I do agree with you, but devs should add to monsters, upgrade their AI and skills, take the challange to the next level, not take away from the player.;)
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    [MOD] Active Learner

    [MOD] Active Learner Learned skills and perks are always active and do not need to be equipped. Mod is up on the nexus.:cheers3:
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    New slots for abillities (request)

    Yes it's possible, already did it and checking for bugs:happy: I will probably post it here tomorrow...
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    ScriptStudio crashing.
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    how to pack xml?

    XMLs don't need cooking, so all that remains is packing and generating metadata;) and, it's not much help but, if you enter just "wcc_lite" at cmd, you get a list of available commands.
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    how to pack xml?

    Use 'pack' command wcc_lite pack -dir="" -outdir="" Then generate metadata wcc_lite metadatastore -path=""
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    scriptstudio.exe crashing

    If you try and run Script Studio from the modkit folder and it crashes, I think the culprit is this file: "redscm.dll" it's probably part of Redkit, and Script Studio crashes if it doesn't find it. Instead, copy "scriptStudio.exe" to "~your witcher game folder\bin\x64" and run it from there...
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    FCR2 source files

    Thank you! :hatsoff: I almost gave up on behavior files, time for round 2! :D
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    FCR2 source files

    That's the thing, the file en0.xml is a string database (for item names, descriptions, tooltips, etc...), it's the only file in the source directory, and you can already decode the original file "en0.w2strings" with red tools, so it doesn't make sense, maybe Flash forgot to pack the files...
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    FCR2 source files

    Have you tried opening files other than scripts and XMLs? Is it possible to edit them? I did extract the mod with Inno Unpacker, and couldn't find the source files...
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    FCR2 source files

    Yes, the source for the scripts and xml definitions is available by unpacking the dzip, but other files (entities, meshes, behavior files,....) are "cooked", and cannot be edited in Redkit. Now the installer created this folder "FCR2 Source Files" inside my Witcher 2 game folder, but there's...
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    FCR2 source files

    FCR2 source files I installed the latest version of Flash's Full Combat Rebalance for The Witcher 2, which includes the source files, but the source directory (created by the installer) had only the strings xml file inside it(en0.xml), so where is the rest? Besides the scripts, which can be...
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    Full Combat Rebalance 2

    I finally have time to try out the mod, and lovin it, awesome work as usual :D Quick question, The source folder "FCR2 Source Files" only has one file: en0.xml Is this right? where are the source files? Should I unpack the pack0 and use them in redkit? I read that cooked files cannot be opened...
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    CDPR claims 100% accuracy in identifying pirates, demands money from thousands

    You guys do know that there are ways o mask your IP and MAC addresses, right? and most pirates are already doing that, so this makes it VERY hard and time consuming to pinpoint the real culprit, which in turn will result in some innocent people getting hassled. These kinds of actions will not...
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    Yeah, there's so many "improvements" that need improvements! Hell yes! where can I pre-order?!
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    You know you played to much Witcher 2 when ?

    Trying to use Aard to turn off the light?!
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    Decent Arm Wrestling Mini Game

    I don't usually participate in those kind of debates, but I think you're a bit biased against Mods here, the reasons you mentioned might apply on other forums, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm a member since Dec 07, and to my knowledge, I've never seen or heard that a Moderator in...
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