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    Änderung am Ingame-Wirtschaftssystem von GWENT

    Find ich okay, war immer der Meinung sie waren zu großzügig. Irgendwie müssen sie ja auch ihre Rechnungen bezahlen. Und ist ja auch kein Pay2Win oder irgendwas. Ich unterstütze es. Wenn ihr heulen wollt dann geht wieder zurück zum Heartstone. Gewinne 3 Spiele und bekomme 10 Gold. 100 Gold für...
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    [UPDATED] Changes to GWENT’s economy and full mill value refund policy

    CDPR also need to earn money and pay there bills. Its fine by me. Beside they even give us time to craft the premiums if we want. Those animated cards are not easy to make. They should worth something if you want them. Still really rewarding game
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    Open PTR feedback

    Sihil is way to crazy with Eithne really hard to stop even if you have artifact destroy. There are too many ways to bring it back from the graveyard
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    HC: First Impression (Poll)

    I think we need some time to get used to homecoming. Its pretty much a different game now. I was also pretty sad when I played yesterday. Got my ass kicked and lost about 20 games. And the decks I build didn't work as I thought. But today after taking some time building new decks and focus on...
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    Get your Legendary cards!

    That's it! I gonna buy Thronbreaker with real money even if you can use ore! CDPR deserves it! They are so generous I have to give them something back. I can't be the only one who thinks that way.
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    Homecoming - The Savior Gwent Needs

    I just wanna say it again. I love how they put so much work into Gwent. So many Companies abandon there games if it doesn't succeed on the first try. I hope homecoming gonna throw Gwent up to the top 1 Card game in our generation
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    Will You Keep Playing?

    I will only stop playing Gwent for 3 reasons. 1. CDPR getting greedy and make us grind for card packs like HS or MTG. 2. CDPR give up on the game and letting it slowly but surly die. 3. CDPR make the game not fun at all. right now, I don't grind much for new cards, I still have fun and CDPR...
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    Imlerith: Sabbath

    You are pretty dead if you don't kill him. Passive play is lost against him. I meet a 24 Imlerith today...not killable without scorch. The tactic now plays him, ( normal or with a chooser ) buff him up with true strength and normal buff. revive him again and laugh
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    Manners maketh man

    You guys are right, I did a bit overreact because I tried a new deck. Didn't work and lose about 10 games in a row. I pass in round 3 after seeing it's not working with 2-4 cards left in my hand. But 8 of 10 opponent just keep playing cards...really anger me there. Even throw taunts at me...
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    Manners maketh man

    Manners maketh man I remember the Close Beta when player understand that the game is over when you pass the round but right now...I played 100 games in the past few weeks and about 70% of them keep playing cards after I pass. Not one card...they play2-3 cards after I pass the 3rd round. That's...
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    Hubert Rejk?

    Oh boy, and you guys think the card is okay? Why do I even use bloody Baron and Ciri if I got him? You can even low the risk to not draw him with Alzures. And Field Medic....20+ points on the field if you play her with a lot of soldiers on board.
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    Hubert Rejk?

    Hubert Rejk 45 Strenght but how? I just played against a Foltest who spammed endless soldiers like Blue Strips and poor infantry and then buffet them up with field medic. ( boost Solider allies by 1) That's was really powerful to see him play an 8 strength card plus 20+ power boosting every...
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    My Bad (Apology Thread)

    It's your bad if you didn't care for your son and keep playing the game. I am sorry for not GG when my opponent keeps playing cards after I already give up and pass. I think its really rude. Well, thats a bad one. I really don't want another why people don't GG thread. Hmmm okay, I am sorry...
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    Vilgefortz / Fake Ciri (The Empress)

    Case isn't closed, she is still buggy and the patched didn't fixed her. Sometimes she still dosent switch the side
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    Fake Ciri doesnt work right now.

    But again sometimes it works! Sometimes I unlock her and she does come back.
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    Fake Ciri doesnt work right now.

    Fake Ciri doesnt work right now. I use fake Ciri lately and she doesn't work. Sometimes she doesn't switch side after my opponent passes the turn. And I not talking about I pass and then my opponent passes. I am talking about my opponent pass first. And talk about I pass first....sometimes I...
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    What do you think about the new quest system?

    Today was awful! got 2 quests. WIN 5 Ranked game and WIN 3 Nilgaard game ( my worst faction by the way) And I lost 6 games........ 0 quest progress makes me feel really bad even when I got my 100 ore.... Seriously please give us PLAY X games or X faction or X cards quest instead of WINING
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    What do you think about the new quest system?

    "WIN" 5 ranked games........Okay this gonna take forever because I am at a pretty high rank right now and I stuck there for a while...... Why cant they just give us quest like "Play" 5 ranked games. I even prefer "play" 10 ranked games. Winning is stressful....
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    Letho didnt kill the Monster leader!

    Thank you for the answer.
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    Letho didnt kill the Monster leader!

    Letho didnt kill the Monster leader! I played a match against consume monster today and when I saw his leader eating 3 eggs I was pretty happy. A big fat monster leader for my Letho to kill and when I play the Kingsslayer.....nothing happened..... Is that a bug or did I miss something?
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