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  1. PyrateLV

    Sold or scrapped Black Unicorn and other rewards, want them back!

    It would be nice if we had a way to "Lock" weapons and clothing that we wanted to keep just to avoid accidentally scrapping or selling things we really didnt want to. I lost a really nice weapon that way. Had to roll back 4 days in saves just to get it back.
  2. PyrateLV

    is there ANYTHING that helps with driving?

    Download and install this Mod. Its a simple .ini file. Wont hurt anything. Helps so much with driving.
  3. PyrateLV

    "Cloud Sync Failed" GOG

    Ive had this on my GOG launcher for about 5 days now. Need to close completely out and restart to play CP2077. Luckily it hasnt affected my Saves. Anyone else have this problem? Ive tried everything on my end to fix this.
  4. PyrateLV

    Romance in this game is horrendous. [Spoilers]

    As much as I dig Panam (being Nomad and all), I really wanted to romance Claire.
  5. PyrateLV

    Easter eggs (spoilers)

    Little shout-out to the greatness of Monty Python If you choose The Spanish Inquisition Johnnys response - "I must admit, I didnt expect that"
  6. PyrateLV

    Hotfix 1.06

    THANK YOU! Now I can roll back to a previous uncorrupted save and continue.
  7. PyrateLV

    Save files are corrupted

    "Save file size @ 8mb" Brilliant CDPR, just brilliant. Im at 71 hours and you just killed all my gameplay. I cant begin to tell you how DISGUSTED am I with you. You have just made my "Never Buy From" list, I hope you choke on my $60 because its the last you will ever get from me.
  8. PyrateLV

    Cyberpunk 2077 User Reviews & Impressions

    You farmed most of the development of this game off to some Affiliate Company. Sure the Main and Side Stories are created by CDPR, but everything else seems like a Junior Development Team worked it This game is made by the same people who made The Witcher 3? Really? I dont buy that for a...
  9. PyrateLV

    Minimap Suck

    You mean Micromap Dont know why they didnt add visual indicators on the actual roads. Or signals that pop up (Mafia Series) to let you know direction
  10. PyrateLV

    Can't pull out weapons or use healing/throwable items

    Ive had that happen twice. Just Save and Re-Load.
  11. PyrateLV

    If CP2077 is this bad, how bad will the DLCs and MP be?

    The LAST thing CDPR should be thinking about is DLC's or the MP version.
  12. PyrateLV

    This is a barebones RPG. Someone had to say it.

    I find CP2077 more of a First Person Looter/Shooter Action game with RPG elements set in a semi-interactive Open World. Even Fallout 4 had more RPG in it than CP2077
  13. PyrateLV

    Thoughts on influencers/youtubers being NPCs in the game

    Hey, if they want to attach their names to a broken, buggy and glitchy game then be my guest.
  14. PyrateLV

    So Sony Removed Cyberpunk2077 from the PSN Store

    Neither did Fallout 76
  15. PyrateLV

    The 6 month Montage is a waste..

    The "6 Months Later" Montage is one of the worst things about the game. Ive had all these experiences I only remember like a dream. I know all these Fixers, yet I dont really know who they are. Ive had all these adventures with Jackie, but I still feel I just met him. I have an Apartment and a...
  16. PyrateLV

    Life Choices: What do you think is/was the best life path for the game ?

    Nomad But none of them really matter in any significant way.
  17. PyrateLV

    Proof that the 6 month montage with Jackie was definitely cut content

    The more I played, the more disappointed I became with CP2077
  18. PyrateLV

    Anybody else disappointed with netrunning/cyberspace/hacking?

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Truly Amazing. Equally Disappointing.
  19. PyrateLV

    Romance in this game is truly amazing, and equally disappointing. [Spoilers]

  20. PyrateLV

    Im done for now

    55 hours in and I just cant Beta test this game any more. Its taking any fun out of playing. I just had 3 Side gigs bug out on me. Didnt give me any indication other than a Waypoint in the middle of the street. That and the graphic problems and other glitches and bugs. I just cant do it. I dont...
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