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  1. devivre

    [BUG] In 2.1, you can no longer confirm graphical settings unless...

    yeah but if the issue returned after being fixed in 2.11 several weeks ago, unfortunately reporting it again is the best way to go.
  2. devivre

    Patch 2.12

    Mehrere Kommentare entfernt. Ich kann zwar verstehen, dass man sich über technische Probleme ärgert, aber bitte achtet trotzdem auf den Umgangston im Forum. An dieser Stelle nochmal der Hinweis: bei Abstürzen bitte CDPR Support direkt kontaktieren ->...
  3. devivre

    PS5 savegames disappeared

    Not sure it's the same issue, it could also be cloud related. If nothing helps it's best to send a ticket to support.
  4. devivre

    Massive 2 second Mouse Input Lag

    You can report it here: (click on "contact us" to send a ticket to support) If you are playing with mods installed, that could also have anything to do. No idea what could cause this...
  5. devivre

    PS5 savegames disappeared

    Strange, and you are using your playstation with the same playstation account as always ? You could try logging out and in again.
  6. devivre

    What do we know about release dates of upcoming CDPR games?

    Considering how CDPR has grown over the years, I'm expecting a much more tight timeline for the next few years. Otherwise game development would quickly get way too expensive.
  7. devivre

    Judy is bugged 2.1

    It's always best to report things like that on the official support website: You can click on "contact us" to send a ticket to them. But verify/repair might be worth a shot...
  8. devivre

    [BUG] In 2.1, you can no longer confirm graphical settings unless...

    It's best to report this via the official support website from CDPR: (please click on "Contact Us" to send a ticket)
  9. devivre

    Can't play the game because it keeps crashing.

    Keep in mind that crashes can have very individual reasons. Especially PC setups are usually very different. So without knowing more about your system it's very difficult to nail down the cause of a problem. CDPRs support website can be reached here...
  10. devivre

    Crashing After 2.12 - Loading Saved Games

    For crash issues please see the official CDPR support website: If the suggestions from the article do not solve the issue, you can contact support by clicking on "contact us". Keep in mind though, if mods...
  11. devivre

    unable to load backups

    I had a situation once with Witcher where one save game was the issue but it caused an error message for all save game. But deleting that save game was enough to fix it. But it was not the same error message and that might not be the solution for your issue as well. Just a possibility. Also...
  12. devivre

    Lizzy Wizzy braindance bug

    You can report it here: (just click on Contact us to send a ticket to CDPR support) During my playthrough I had no issues here, so no idea what could be triggering it.
  13. devivre

    unable to load backups

    Hm, if your game already has the latest version and you didn't change anything, then I also don't know what's going on. As LeKill3rFou pointed out, if you have any mods installed that could cause issues like that too in some cases. However, if you are just playing the regular version without...
  14. devivre

    {fixed}Inventory, journal, phone, fast travel and more locked.

    You can also send a ticket to cdpr support: (just click on Contact Us to do so) In general, whenever issues like that start to pop up in any game it‘s risky to continue playing as...
  15. devivre

    CDprojectRed you guys have to do better im sorry...

    It's best to report issues like that here: (after reading the information, please click on "contact us" to send a ticket) Keep in mind, that such issues are not necessarily happening to...
  16. devivre

    Not able to open messages

    You can report it here: (after reading the support article, please click on "contact us" to send a ticket to CDPR support) That being said, if mods are installed, it's also possible that...
  17. devivre

    Romance Enhanced

    Not likely going to happen anytime soon, but who knows, maybe someday there will be a remastered edition like the one for Witcher 3 which did implement a lot of mods.
  18. devivre

    game crashed

    For crash issues please check out the official support website: (if nothing there helps, you can report the issue by clicking on "contact us") However, in case you are playing with mods installed, it's...
  19. devivre

    Major Bug

    You can report the issue here: (click on "contact us" to send a ticket) But in general, loading an older save game is likely the best way to go. That being said, these things are...
  20. devivre

    Can see my gwent statistics but cannot play

    You can report it here: (click on „…contact us!“ to send a ticket) This is the official tech support website.
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