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    Stuttering when exiting menus ? It's your HDD/SSD

    Hi Chooms, I installed CP2077 on an HDD: smooth play, only when entering and exiting menus: stuttering was all over. Tested on an SSD (average Samsung 8xx series): micro stuttering is still a thing, but less severe. This day, bought an M2 SSD and reinstalled my game on it: stuttering is gone...
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    Level scaling gives better fights. You'll still roll on enemies, but you need to do it with a plan: it's way better.
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    What I hate in 2.0: machine guns and sentry ripped machineguns now "spool" up their firerate the longer you shoot. That is too fortnite and gamey.

    That's not "unrealistic". You tend to fire at a slow pace when you're not panicking. When panicking (low stamina), you'll fire at max rate, with a loss of accuracy, pretty much covering fire-style. That's not a bad idea. You'll burn your box of ammo quick if you don't move to a cover, to...
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    Good surprise with this 2.0 update. Not a single drop of performance with a Ryzen 5600X, RTX 3070 (slightly OC) and 64GB RAM (yeah I know...) Good work CDRP.
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    List of announced improvements of patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty

    Hi everyone, So, maybe I'm a little bit stupid but I can't understand one thing: Can I expect a 2.0 patch for CP2077 if i don't buy the DLC, or it comes only for the owners of Phantom Liberty ?
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    Game crashes whenever midway loading a save file

    Mods dude. I was unable to pass the prologue of a new game, had to uninstall the game, clean all directories + fresh install: it's now perfect (but I miss my mods...)
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    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    Hi, I have no doubt PL will be an enjoyable game, worth the money paid for it. But I'll skip it, because no way I'll invest 1500 euros+ on new hardware as I run CP2077 flawlessly in 1440p + RT in Ultra/Psycho+ DLSS with my 5600X + 3070RTX (overclocked both though). I expect the same...
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    Patch 1.23

    I didn't play CP2077 since 1.22 patch. Downloaded the patch yesterday, launched my last save. First sight: a floating roadsign. Vending machine screens are still glitched. Closed game. Guess I'll wait for 1.3 then.
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    Favourite Easter Eggs?

    Hideo Kojima like NPC casually talking about his philosophy of gaming :D He's at the bar in Konpeki Plaza
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    To anyone still in doubt: CDPR said they'll continue working on the game, so it can sell for years

    i never experienced any crash, but I experience a lot of glitches, flickering, missing textures, floating objects, NPC pop up and stuff. I played 120 hours.
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    Biomonitor not working in 1.21? I never get healed :(

    I don't pick up MaxDoc anymore, got like 500 on hand and I use them a LOT during combat (My V is some kind of firepower oriented solo with strong intelligence perks, love to hack and slash em :D
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    Biomonitor not working in 1.21? I never get healed :(

    Go for second heart, Got biomonitor and second heart and they work as intended. But I think you'll be just fine using second heart. Anyway I farm so much MaxDoc I just use them a lot during combat. Second heart is great when you missed mines or explosives and got instant-killed. Actually it...
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    To anyone still in doubt: CDPR said they'll continue working on the game, so it can sell for years

    Well, those complaints achieved: -An official apology from CDRP -Removal of the game from PS store -3 hotfixes and 2 major patches -A continuous work from CDRP to improve the game according to the roadmap they published. Guess it will not solve anything :shrug:
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    To anyone still in doubt: CDPR said they'll continue working on the game, so it can sell for years

    Well in a nutshell: "It works for me so please if it's broken on your side, go elsewhere, I don't want to read about your issues". Dude you should not roam on boards, it's about you know, sharing things, good or bad, and while CP2077 is a great game, yes, we experience heavy issues that should...
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    To anyone still in doubt: CDPR said they'll continue working on the game, so it can sell for years

    Yeah, "hardware issues"... Well I experience FPS drops and many glitches, flickering and missing textures, broken RT reflections, my rig: AMD Ryzen 5600X 32Gb DDR4 Crucial Ballistix 3200 RTX 3070 OC 3x SSD Guess what ? Drivers all updated, VBIOS flashed to enable Resizable BAR, clean install...
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    AMD Performance Issues, Weird FPS Drops

    Got 32GB and I experience FPS drops, installing 1.21 to see if I see improvement EDIT: It's definitely better :) No more weird FPS drops !
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    Hotfix 1.21

    Thanks a lot !
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    Top priorities to focus on future

    Gwent is a game, optional, one can play it or ignore it. But hacking is part of the gameplay and no thanks, I don't want a real hacking experience when I'm sneaking into Valentinos territory and hacking them to grab some eddies :D But well, an optional minigame ? Why not :)
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    Top priorities to focus on future

    1- No one wants a tedious minigame, keep it simple, it's repetitive yes, but I don't want to spend 10 minutes breaching a computer to read something. 2- Actually you can obtain more informations about fixers, roaming in their neighborhood and searching around will trigger nice NPC missions :)...
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