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    Disallow not choosing a card with Royal Decree

    Well, there is some very rare cases where you want to cast a spell without getting the effect (this game has synergy with casting stuffs no matter what the effect ends to be, like Dol blatanna protectors). I can't find you an exact example right now because it's so rare I can't even remember the...
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    About Banished Cards

    Honestly, it's hard not to agree with that. It would indeed be better in every aspect and your idea about Mandrake (show the card greyed out with 0 str) sounds perfect to me as well. Good idea!
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    The Swap update is now live!

    Yes and I think it's a mistake CDPR has to stop making. Because a unit has less targets to tutor doesn't mean they have to be stronger. The other example of this mistake was the Agitators (oh look, they can only spawn dwarfs so let's make them 2 str). The problem with this way of thinking is...
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    The Swap update is now live!

    Well, it's just my own opinion but I don't think it would work. In fact I don't think the problem with this deck are the GS but rather the Pirate captains or the Corsairs, for example. I would not change the GS at all, for me personally, they're just fine the way they are (strong but not OP).
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    The Swap update is now live!

    The thing I really don't understand in that list is the nerf of Dun banner. It feels like every time a card is good and well designed they've a problem with it. Also still no change about NG handbuff and consume starts getting ridiculous. The rest is nice and interesting. The funny part being...
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    New info on Homecoming from Burza [RIP Gwent]

    Are you kidding? Pretty much every card in the game are affected by this change since the game has always been designed for 3 rows until now. For instance, you mentioned gold weather but every single weather card are affected by the 3 rows. If you have fog ticking on two of your rows and have to...
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    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    That's true, unfortunately. The cards used to be displayed in a bigger frame during the closed BETA so if it was only for cosmetic, they could just have returned to the previous formula. And I'm gonna be clear and direct, I hate the idea of adjusting the game for smartphone and the like. If...
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    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    Exactly, and here we are, watching CDPR doing the same mistake again, except this time it might be the last one because the HC project comes with a price, which is to force players out of the game for a very long time. I'm afraid they're not going to come back if they're not happy with what the...
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    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    Well, it's true but when 92% of the people who voted all have the same opinion, it's safe to assume that the vast majority of players would probably go the same way. If it was something like 6O% or the like, sure, it's too small of a number to be relevant but at 92%, clearly the players are not...
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    Make Greatswords less great

    Much more like once every 4/5 games at least from my experience, There is a lot of things that can brick in this deck (Captains, Corsairs, Res units, Skjall...) and I know that I tend to be really unlucky by nature but once every 2O games seems like your opponent's should play the lottery. To...
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    Make Greatswords less great

    I'm really not a fan of nerfing this deck in any way. It's a strong deck but not an OP one. The difference is huge because the point of a deck is actually to be good. If CDPR starts nerfing decks because they're performing we will never have a set meta and will always have the problem of a...
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    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    I join the majority saying that reducing to 2 rows would be a bad thing. Rows are one of the assets that make Gwent so unique and reducing them to 2 would be stripping the game from one of its biggest strength. In fact, not only I think they should keep all three rows but I also believe that...
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    Let's discuss/theorycraft what create cards should be removed from ranked!

    I agree with most of what TLM said, especially for Elven scout and Slave drivers. A bronze card should never been able to create other bronze cards. I disagree with a few though. Winch should be limited to ranked or be reworked, the reason is because of the broken possibilities it opens with...
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    Yoana's textbox missleading or not working as intended

    In fact, what I excpected is the following : Yoana enters the battlefield, heal Ihurraquax (validate its ability for turn end) then heal it to full. But yeah, it doesn't work like this lol
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    AMA with Paweł Burza - discussion

    I'm happy too and I'm on your screen so technically in your room...That makes us 2 lol
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    AMA with Paweł Burza - ask your questions here! [ended]

    Hi Burza, -Do you guys plan to bring some units/effects back to their previous effects? For example, I really loved the "regressing" system, not only it was interesting for us because it gave more tactical options but I think it was quiet good for you as game developpers, since it's a great...
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    Show Your Best Arena Decks

    No Title Believe it or not but I went 9/2 with this. It's not my best Arena deck in term of power but definitely one of my best achievement considering there is not much going on there. That being said, I'm not dening some good cards (AotA is a safe pick, same thing for Miruna (keep a removal...
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    Coinflip, enormous issue in Pro Ladder and possible solution

    Are you seriously believing that everyone getting to rank 2O or even 21 are skilled? You're kidding right? I have to admit, that was a good one. Also, 1/ Except you're not going to sacrifice a card that can basically win you the game just to deny a play your opponent may not do at the end of...
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    Coinflip, enormous issue in Pro Ladder and possible solution

    I'm sorry but this is poor tactic. 1/ You can't tell for sure if you're gonna win or lose the CF when you swap her on R1, and she has a lot more value on R2 if you win it. 2/ You can't tell what deck your opponent is bringing that early in the game (the leader isn't a good enough of a clue)...
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    Imlerith: Sabbath

    Just in case there where some people doubting about Sabbath being a problem, let me tell you a story. Today I wanted to play some Casual and since the daily quest were to play 5 games with Monsters, I've made a nice Blood moon deck (no Sabbath, no shenanigan)... I've "played" 5 games, 5...
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