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  1. kosinva

    Now playing [music]

    IMO, if will an expansion that makes complete V's story and at the end we could hear this song. It would be so great.
  2. kosinva

    Radio station question

    107.3 Morro Rock Radio and the radio host is Maximum Mike.
  3. kosinva

    Fix the driving!

    I hope with time they add modes to the driving (e.g. comfort, sport, hyper), similar to today's cars. For example, in comfort mode the cars would have limited speed and acceleration, instead of the sport or hyper modes, where there are fewer or no limitations. Within the city, it would be a much...
  4. kosinva

    Kerry Eurodyne Appreciation Thread

    I don’t even understand why they cut out these conversations.
  5. kosinva

    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    I wanted to report a combat issue on the technical support webpage, but even though I pressed the send button, nothing happened. I made a save game and two gameplay videos about the bug. I wanted to report that when I want to visit Dino Dinovic in the Malted Iguana Liquors Bar, Aaron is...
  6. kosinva

    So... Radio silence YET AGAIN? What's next after 1.2?

    The consolidated report of 2020 will be released after April 19th and the first quarterly report for 2021 at the end of May. We will be seen from them how good or bad the Cyberpunk 2077 sales and the CD Projekt RED revenues were. We didn't see it clearly at the moment.
  7. kosinva

    Now playing [music]

  8. kosinva

    Panam Palmer Storyline/Sidequests DLC [Spoilers]

    Wow, Panam DLC nearly confirmed? I hope this and other great Panam's contents will be added to the in-game as soon as possible. :)
  9. kosinva

    Headlights not rendering properly at night

    Within the city, it's just a little disappointing and immersion breaking, but outside the city, where no street lighting is, it's really annoying that AI vehicles are often turn off their headlights at night.
  10. kosinva

    Concept Art

    There are such tiny but good ideas in these concept arts, sad to see that these can’t be seen in the game, for example, the dogs or the taxi drivers. I can only hope, in one day we will get it with the other missing things.
  11. kosinva

    NPCs need to start using bikes

    Yeah. Buses, taxis, bikes, police cars, loaded trucks (I saw just empty trucks) are missing in the traffic.
  12. kosinva

    Now playing [music]

  13. kosinva

    Patch 1.2

    Omg... :oops: It exists and now it works.
  14. kosinva

    Public transportation system in NC

    Thanks! Maybe, but I think the freight trains use that line rather than the metro trains because there you cannot find metro stations, just freight stations. If you look, at the eastern end of Watson where that line goes into a tunnel and I'm just guessing, but I think it's a little missing...
  15. kosinva

    Public transportation system in NC

    I was curious, how complete is Night City's metro network, so I marked the metro stations and lines on the map. Sadly, it shows a bit of a semi-finished state, as do many things in the game, but I don’t think it would be impossible for CDPR developers to finish this. I hope so they think too.
  16. kosinva

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Thank you CDPR, there is reason for hope :)
  17. kosinva

    Eastern roadblock

    At least now I know why Stateline is written on the road sign above this highway.
  18. kosinva

    Eastern roadblock

    Does anyone know, have a background story as to why the highway leading out of Night City to the east is closed by roadblocks? It's a little strange. I think there is some background story but I didn't meet with that.
  19. kosinva

    Can we get more MUSIC ?

    Due to Samurai songs and Maximum Mike’s narratives, Morro Rock Radio is my favorite radio channel in the game. I stumbled upon this by accident (I didn’t even think it is a half hour of material, but it's so cool):
  20. kosinva

    2019 DEMO was telling the truth, you just didn't listen.

    It's worth watching Alanah Pearce's fresh opinion, what she thinks of the demo she played and what she thinks of the released game.
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