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  1. ShadowAssassinxxx

    My Cyberpunk 2077 Wishlist

    The matching hairstyle of the headgear is actually fixed and divided into three types, long, medium and short (may also be a bald). For example, a hairstyle classified as "long" will be change to a certain hairstyle when wearing a certain type of hat, and it's fixed, even if the actual hairstyle...
  2. ShadowAssassinxxx

    My Cyberpunk 2077 Wishlist

    - Remove gender limits on hairstyles. I've always wanted to create an androgynous-looking or offbeat-looking male V, but hairstyles limit that considerably. Although there's a mod that can do this, most female hairstyles will chipping when used on male. So why only hairstyles are gender-locked...
  3. ShadowAssassinxxx

    More romance options please?

    I think it can add a Scavenger romance option in future story dlc. The current state of Scavengers is potential but low plot status. BTW the Scavengers actually has a gang icon, it just doesn't actually appear currently. Saying too much of this may be violate the forum rules.
  4. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Gender locked hairstyles.

    For female V, some hairstyles that were previously exclusive to NPCs can be used after 1.6, including those that were previously available to female NPCs but are limited to male V in character creation. Some male NPCs have female V hairstyle, for example, a common man (hair 05), a homeless man...
  5. ShadowAssassinxxx

    There needs to be more than just Nudity On/Off? + the way pacifism is handled in game

    There's actually another group that is gameplay recorders. Different from live steamers, they can manually skip the "dangerous" content, but they are afraid that when the live steam mode is turned on, they will miss some things that could be skipped manually. I've seen more than one recorder...
  6. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Who is the real villain of Cyberpunk 2077?

    Screenwriter(s). Nothing without them :D
  7. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Other NPC relationships or one night stands

    Dum Dum and Patricia. Cyberpunk people should do cyberpunk things. Maybe Royce and Brick for hardcorer:D I don't know if I'm violating the rules by saying that: DLC may have, and I think many people will switch from Judy and/or Panam to her. So there will be a corresponding male character
  8. ShadowAssassinxxx

    1.5 new save gigs question

    I'm now level 6 and 8 sc, but the gigs on the map are still only these. I remember that before 1.5 I had already displayed several gig locations on the map at this time, eg Woman of La Macha, Shark in the Water. Is it because the 1.5 level/sc requirements have changed, or is there a bug, or am I...
  9. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Weird screenshots... Fresh and juicy Veeeeeeeeeee
  10. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Cyberpunk2077 the game VS real life

    Actually the level of security is different in different places in Night City. The contrast between City Center and Pacifica is obvious In my early teenagerhood I lived in a remote place in a generally safe city. The only unsafe incidents I encountered related to social security were that the...
  11. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Weird screenshot... :cry::cry::cry:Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Cyberpunk2077 the game VS real life

    I think it depends on where you are in real life and who you are In real life, some places may be more dangerous than Night City For criminals like V, many of the real life place may be more dangerous For me, it's obviously false
  13. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Vee without makeup and piercings Vee
  14. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Chippin'In bug

    Which report type is choose for this? "I'm unable to complete/progress in a quest" or "I want to report a visual issue"? I found that when this happens, the dialogue actually continues and Rogue will return to where she should be when performing the next animation
  15. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Chippin'In bug

    In the quest Chippin'In, if check the scannable items after triggered the battle with Grayson, Rogue will stuck in the the position of the last checked item. The point is that it is impossible to check all items without triggering the battle, because in addition to the weapon box, the others are...
  16. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Vee is fresh and juicy
  17. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Scanner: "Weak To", no explanation of what these icons mean in the database logs.

    This is actually very useful for netrunners. I sometimes can't seckill Tyger Claws (high quickhacking defense and 15 EMP resistance) from Westbrook with Short Circuit even at level 50 with 20 INT, but I always or usually can seckill Valentinos (low quickhacking defense and 30 EMP weakness) from...
  18. ShadowAssassinxxx

    Exploring Cyberpunk 2077

    Badlands is actually the safest for V (player). It's the only area where you can drive horizontally in most places, and there're few wild officers and mobs (Wraiths are seem to even less than Militeches). They're not actively attack unless bug or exceed the red line of the southern badlands...
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