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  1. iamthesparky

    Other NPC relationships or one night stands

    Honestly, I thought there'd be a lot more flirting, sex, and partying in this game. Turns out V has very limited romance options, can't party like Johnny can, and has no way to blow if steam. Anyway, that was off topic, during my first playthrough I assumed I could romance the girl from...
  2. iamthesparky

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    It'd be nice if Judy could comment on the progress you make in the side-gigs, especially nice if she showed up to the Beat on Brat fights to chat and cheer me on!
  3. iamthesparky

    Do you play with any self imposed rules, If so what are they?

    Hah, love this thread! Yes, I have 1 rule: drink all the alcohol you see, even on missions. I'm a merc with Johnny in my brain, obvs I'm an alcoholic.
  4. iamthesparky

    Apartment Room

    I kept going to bed in the beginning, thinking there would be dream sequences since Johnny was in my brain, but nope. I don't care for display cases unless NPCs I invited over would comment or interact with my items. There's also a computer at the apartment which has virtually no purpose, so...
  5. iamthesparky

    Main Story Too Short

    Just because it takes a long time to finish, doesn't make it good. I'd rather a short, cohesive story than an AC:V 100 hour grind fest.
  6. iamthesparky

    Baldur's Gate III

    I'm just 5 hours in, and am enjoying it. Have I crashed? Yes. Have I been hit by bugs? Many, yes. But there is so much potential and the game is already better than others I've played. I do wish we had a voiced protagonist though. I picked it up do fill the void that Cyberpunk left....
  7. iamthesparky

    where is the manual for this stupid game?

    I had to google how to honk the car horn, as it's not listed in the key bindings. Some stuff is intuitive, but not everything.
  8. iamthesparky

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    I want to add about the first person view, as someone that is into VR, first person is the only thing that makes sense for that medium. It'll be interesting to see how game developers take their traditional sex scenes and translate them to VR. It may force the player to an active role in the...
  9. iamthesparky

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    When I hear dating sim, my mind goes to visual novels and games where its all about that, but the majority of the features (or some versions of this features) discussed exist in other Action RPGs, mainly (or only), Bioware games and they aren't dating sims. I think you hit the nail on the head...
  10. iamthesparky

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Regarding the sex scene, it was unnerving when Judy lit up a cigarette, this was a habit that she had quit until Evelyn passed, a reminder that the City keeps hurting Judy. It was a melancholy moment. Then even more unnerving was that V smoked, and continued to smoke through the scene. That...
  11. iamthesparky

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    I'm echoing the voices who agreed the Judy sex scene was really well done. I was surprised at the intimacy, both from Pyramid Song and the scene itself. Expertly done. First person isn't the issue, in fact I liked it more than third person, it just makes sense.
  12. iamthesparky

    Kill vs. Incapacitate: Consequences?

    I thought that it would be better not to kill, since I assumed the further I was away from Johnny Silverhand's behaviour, the better. Obviously, I was disappointed to learn it doesn't matter in the end.
  13. iamthesparky

    Exploring is kinda pointless

    After awhile of exploring, I came to the conclusion that all doors are locked and exploration isn't rewarded with loot or surprise quests. So I just went straight from quest marker to quest marker. Someone mentioned exploration like in Skyrim, definitely not that here. I think limited...
  14. iamthesparky

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    DLC where V introduces Judy to Mama Welles!
  15. iamthesparky

    Will you be purchasing any future DLC or games from CDPR after Cyberpunk 2077's launch?

    Like many here. I enjoyed the game for what it was and lamented what it could have been. Therefore, purchasing DLC would be based on 1) reviews 2) content (i.e., something meaty that feels like a main quest and has the crew involved (Judy, Panam, River, etc). If yes to the above two, then...
  16. iamthesparky

    Story content you FEEL is missing [spoilers]

    Because a lot of the side quests had no depth, resolution, or effect on the world, I stopped being interested in doing them.
  17. iamthesparky

    Another Romance Thread [Spoilers]

    As far as integration into the main story, Panam is the most integrated. Also, that's not really a lot if you compare it to BioWare games, which allow you to take companions with you on quests and have them interact in the world. I want that level of integration.
  18. iamthesparky

    Self-Driving Car *Spoiler Alert*

    This was a truly disappointing quest. All the effort, and my thoughts weighing the pros and cons, all just a waste. It doesn't effect the world, the reward, the end of the game, nothing. No one even comments on it.
  19. iamthesparky

    Was the first person view an attempt at cutting corners?

    I really enjoyed the first person view, with the exception of driving. First person combat and general movement is, to me, more enjoyable than third person.
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