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    66rounds a day to get meteorite powder..

    66rounds a day to get meteorite powder.. Isnt that a bit overkill? Its probably goin to take hours to max your daily rewards, no one has time to play that much. Bestr iwe gotten is 26 rounds and i was winning a lot.
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    Is Weather Too Powerful? (Open Beta Edition)

    Exactly. Happened to me too. F****** op as hell.
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    Ruined the game

    I stopped playing closed beta after a month or so. really didnt like the mechanics, it felt a bit simple and cluncky, really liking the game now. Every game is different and really makes you think. The animated cards are ridulously expensive thou..
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    Nilfgaard and Open Beta.

    Im focussing on Nilfgaard for now. Im not doin really that well after i started experimenting with the reveal mechanics. It seems too random and hard to pull off usually. Need to unlock more cards.. Goin back to try more with spy cards.
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    Thanks CDPR for Witcher 2 enhanced gift

    Nice surpsrise. I have shitty PC that cant even run gwent properly :D. If i upgrade someday it will be nice to play all the games! Maybe ill read the books again and then do the games.. its a never ending cycle.
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    New free PS4 theme and avatars for free

    Got the theme, its very nice. Also got the Geralt avatar.
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    Is a PlayStation Plus Membership Required to Play Gwent on the PS4?

    Well thats nice. Thank you very much.
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    Is a PlayStation Plus Membership Required to Play Gwent on the PS4?

    Is a PlayStation Plus Membership Required to Play Gwent on the PS4? Do i need to buy ps+ time in order to play gwent? there are some free to play games that dont require it..
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    PS4 Technical Beta announced for GWENT!

    Gave it a go. seems to run smooth enough, didnt spot any problems. But why the hell did you make the tutorial so that you cant skip it!?!? Do you know how terrible it is to sit trough that when you already know the game, there was like three tutorial matches!
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    PS4 cross play

    I doubt it. It could be done in so many games, technology usually isnt an obstacle. its the people at sony are a bit weird about it.. For example World of tanks doesnt have crossplay between consoles, even thou the dews of the games said they would love to have it, and could do it, but its...
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    Have you ever seen..?

    These. Also seen wolfes attacking villages. Not so long ago saw leshen comin real close to downwarren. Geralt actually went to fighting mode, but the leshen just turned a round and left. Little after that a bear attacked in to the town. I was low lvl so i just bounced. Dont know how the fight...
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    Finally completed the game!

    Finally completed the game! What a ride. Story was real nice. Gotta admit, making game this way in chapters, it sure helps with the overall pacing and story telling. there is always certain problems combining open world and story telling. There was couple time the combat system made me rage...
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    Can't get back to old vizimia from swamp cemetery

    You should be able to travel freely in and out. Pretty sure after manor quest you get one last chance to explore swamp. After that you you get back to old vizima and epilogue starts..
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    Super annoying fight.

    Yeah thats how its done, but every now and then, seemingly random. The lightning hits Geralt and your dead..
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    Super annoying fight.

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    Super annoying fight.

    Yeah there is. If you activate all three of them and make sure the golem is inside the "triangle", golem gets hit by lightning. Three times should do the trick.. Thats how i killed the sucker.
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    Super annoying fight.

    Super annoying fight. Fight with golem in the swamps and the pylons! Finally managed it, after 1000 tries. Whats the deal with those pylons anyways!? I made sure not to stand inside the triangle absolutely 100% confirmed, always activate pylons in clockwise direction, made sure golem was...
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    As someone coming into the beta at this late time

    It must really suck to jump in to beta this late. CDPR should give 20KEGS to all new testers. Hell i played first time today after the patch and im gettin my ass handed to me.. Im lvl 17, played 5 games won the last one barely against scoitael..
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    I'm done playing till Anti Weather cards are out

    I always have clear weather cards on my decks. I just chance discard tham at the start when anything other than monster.. Its kills the "mood" just a little bit, always be on the lookout for weather/monster decks. But when you do get to use clear weather, sometimes twice agains weather deck, it...
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    Really, CDPR????

    I dont like this updated forum. i dont mind the looks,exept the HOS is too bright and BAW is too hard to read. oh wait i do hate the new look :D Can i chance the font color somehow? Now i have to login everytime. Previously i only had to put W on google and i would be instantly where i wanted...
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