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  1. batouyukinawa

    NEW XBD'S?

    I've noticed you can purchase new XBD's in Dog Town but there doesn't seem to be a way to activate them. Anyone know what this is about? I just don't see why CDPR would put these in just to tease us yet again.
  2. batouyukinawa

    My favourite game, now dead

    This update 2.0 is superior to 1.6 in every way. The only people crying about it love their broken builds. Difficulty now scales with Ai not bullet sponge enemies. CDPR nailed it with this update. I love the way the game runs now. No, netrunner is not ruined. Netrunner is just balanced. I love...
  3. batouyukinawa

    Removing Breach Protocol from PVE was a terrible idea.

    They didn't. You just have to find an access point now. You could say the game was broken before hand because access points were pointless because you could just run a breach regardless of any set prerequisites.
  4. batouyukinawa

    Update 2.0

    1.63 in inferior to 2.0 in every way. Fight me.
  5. batouyukinawa

    REDstreams — brief summary and recap

    Weird, pretty sure the devs already stated the police show up to the area the crime was last committed and that response time is tied to the kind of area you are. If you pay attention, V is literally in the richest area and already has two stars when the first footage is shown. So yeah, the NCPD...
  6. batouyukinawa


    If you watch the video at 1:01 V shoots a guy with a shotgun and the dude falls over with the exact same stiff ragdoll we've had for years. I always thought it was due to last gen limitations but now I don't know what it is cause this is current gen only. There's a mod that fixes the ragdolls...
  7. batouyukinawa

    1.7 getting real close?

    Maybe after gamescom they drop it? Makes sense to me. I'm sure they want newbies to play the base game with the update before Phantom Liberty drops. A month is enough time to get through it before it drops.
  8. batouyukinawa


    Skillup actually did attest to the notion of improved AI systems and the NCPD overhaul. According to him if you piss off the NCPD enough they'll send a actual merc after you upon which you will have a mini boss encounter.
  9. batouyukinawa


    I still think the specs are there to cover their asses. They're worried about any kind of backlash of people having frame dips because they're pushing their system specs too hard. I said before, I can see having to drop back to 1440p, but 1080p? That's ridiculous.
  10. batouyukinawa


    I just don't believe these system requirements. If you take CDPR's word you're basically telling me that either current gen console won't run any higher then 30fps @ 1080p. They only have a CPU on par with a 8 core processor and their GPU is on par with a 2060 Super according to DF. I mean, are...
  11. batouyukinawa


    Have we learned nothing? System requirements are always wrong. They either over estimate or under estimate. I bet anything barely anything will change performance wise as long as you own a 20 series card or a AMD equivalent coupled with at least an 8 core processor and 16GB or ram. There's no...
  12. batouyukinawa

    What happened to the MOD

    I've been out of the CP situ however I'm a bit perplexed after coming back. Nexus still spits out Naked mods and minor insignificant alterations after all this time. I was really hoping for something akin to Bethesda after CDPR released their own mod support. I swear more was happening before...
  13. batouyukinawa

    1.61 broke quick access

    1.61 broke the quick access on my controller. Used to hold down triangle and it would bring up the quick access menu. It's now busted. It doesn't work.
  14. batouyukinawa

    NVIDIA update minor issues.

    First of all I want to commend for the most part the NVIDIA update. I've never had this game run so silky smooth. However for some strange reason going into hacking mode drops the fps. Wonder if anyone else is having this issue and if so have they sent a bug report to CDPR? Thanks!
  15. batouyukinawa

    DLSS 2.2.11 works miracles (Remember to update Nvidia Drivers)

    Yeah about that. I recently noticed since updating my drivers and doing that hotfix solution that during story sequences the FPS drops to around 55-45 FPS, however once I'm done with the scripted sequence the FPS jumps back to pretty much locked 60. Anyone else having this issue? 2070 Super I7...
  16. batouyukinawa

    Update your NVIDIA drivers!

    So if I have nvidia experience will that notify me of the fix to the new driver?
  17. batouyukinawa

    What would Fix the game for you?

    Yeah that's BS for one. You clearly are in picture mode while using mods to drastically alter your V. Nice try though. 1664599953 Pretty much the point of it all. You're not understanding why CDPR didn't quite live up to standards previously promised. How could they adhering to the lowest...
  18. batouyukinawa

    Frame drop since 1.6

    Or they are and they simply don't realize how well it used to run before this update. They are returning players after all.
  19. batouyukinawa

    Frame drop since 1.6

    It has to be on CDPR's end. They did something they messed up the optimization. I don't know what it is, but the game is objectively running worse no matter what your setup is.
  20. batouyukinawa

    Frame drop since 1.6

    Has anyone noticed fps drops in Cyberpunk since you updated Nivida drivers? Could it be Nvidia drivers are causing this?
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