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  1. doomtrigger

    Street Creed Change behavior NPC, is that work that way?

    Nah i im lvl 50 and i still LICK MY TITS PUNK
  2. doomtrigger

    Must haves for the DLC/Huge Patch January/March for Panam, Judy, River

    "Judy should be allowed to be bi sexual." you mean forced you want them to force her to be bi
  3. doomtrigger

    Thought this had a non linear story? [Spoilers]

    jackie dies no option to help him, evelyn just up and kills her self after you rescue her most options are either yes, ANGRY YES or idk yes, no angry no or idk maybe. ending is worse then mass effect 3 you either blow your brains out get tossed on a server because your retarded ger rouge killed...
  4. doomtrigger

    Option to censor nudity?

    I have the setting turned off i chose my penis and yet when im running around naked in game i have boxers on... why?
  5. doomtrigger

    Night City Feels Empty

    then play with crowds on high? there were too many ppl walking around so i set it to medium
  6. doomtrigger

    The lack of 3rd person view

    Why would there be a 3rd person mode in a first person rpg?
  7. doomtrigger

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

  8. doomtrigger

    Who are you gonna roleplay as in Cyberpunk?

    After my life being destroyed i got addicted to bath salts and now run around naked chasing ppl with my floppy sausage (But due to the bug im in purple boxers)
  9. doomtrigger

    My Penis Disappeared!

  10. doomtrigger

    Some bugs I've encountered

    Im still having issues with tree and bushes popping up after the "fix"
  11. doomtrigger

    My Penis Disappeared!

    Can i have my penis back too? Also why are all the women in game so mean to me
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