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    REQUEST for SMOKE on the WATER cyberpsycho job

    Can we please get a closure on that mission. Like get his dead daughter to her mom or something... Cause this is the 3rd time i'm playing this mission and it is just not right to leave her in the van like that...
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    What do you actually LIKE about the game?

    The city and nothing else... hate the AI the most.
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    What's with the snowflake countdown?? 1.2

    It's probably that but why does it always on?... I'm not even in battle.
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    What's with the snowflake countdown?? 1.2

    There is this snowflake icon that counts down from 19 to 0 and just again 19 to 0... never stops lol
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    1.2 Ongoing Bugs List

    1. Every car and bike i get gets stuck on the map... so if i call them again they wont show up.. they will drive from the last place i left them.. it's starting to piss me off.. cars all over the map.. so i started destroying them. 2. Clothes are still disappearing in 3rd person view on a...
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    How many more patches are required

    Let me put it this way. If the game was 10.12.21 it would still need work a lot of work and until they get to the AI coding in this game, the game is not gonna be better and would look like lifeless walk or ride in a ghost city...
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    Is it me or has enemy AI greatly improved.

    Lol.. god no xD
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    About free legendary items after 1.2

    I always saw the blades and monowire a reward for exploring or killing something that is very hard to kill... they should have just put them every other character starting position to be changed. So those things to be in different position.
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    Patch 1.2

    Got it today.. weird, so some people don't get it right a way xD .. Thx anyway.
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    Patch 1.2

    Weird... haven't recieved an update yet..
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    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    You got to be kidding me...
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    Tell me I'm lying though [pre-order games?]

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    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    This is not a dating app.. this game has real issues which need to be fixed, though i doubt they will..
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    top 10 favorite games

    My best games : !0. AC Unity - laugh all you want..ahh love this game. AC black flag. 9. Divinity original sin 1 and 2 8. Elder scrolls Oblivion.. not the others. 7. Need for speed Most Wanted and underground 2... Heat is ok.. i guess. 6. Fallout NEW VEGAS... not the others. 5. Uncharted...
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    Is Act I the Cyberpunk 2077 game we wanted?

    Yes... jackie, V and T-bug seem like an amazing team to get to the top... the third act should have been Dex and ending could have been where Jonny waking us up and telling us that we have a city to burn... In which we get this storyline.. No one can convince me that the jonny silverhand...
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    Not a real open world game IMO

    Well yeah :D .. i mean everyone could have told you that on the 10th December :P
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    CPU overheating despite liquid cooling

    Yap bigger pump.. i dont think 120 is enough and it may destroy ur cpu..
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    A statement made by CDPR regarding Keanu Reeves mod is concerning

    Oh man.. i dont wanna see jonny silverhand again in another DLCs or expansions...
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    Hotfix 1.11

    Guys you have cloth classes for a reason. This shouldnt be that hard for you. Just put 4 slots on legendary, 3 on epic, 2 on rare and 1 on the green ones.. So people can actually wear a rare or even a green with the armor mod. This way they can actually mix and match and wont go for the 4 slot...
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    Story destroyed me. Left me empty.

    If this little unfinished story left you empty and destroyed, i think you should really look at your real life my friend.
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