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  1. Rawls

    Is V the worst dancer ever?

    So glad to see Shepard getting represented here. (S)he didn't dance across the galaxy that way to get called second worst.
  2. Rawls

    top 10 favorite games

    3-and-a-Half-Years-Later. New list as of today has a new game at the top, and one old favorite that crept back on after I hadn't played it in like a fifteen years. Baldur’s Gate III (2023) - New game on top! Saw the other day it won a ton of awards, and it's well deserved. Great game. The...
  3. Rawls

    QUIZ: Who's your ultimate Night City choom

    Gonna be hearing about my chakra a bunch apparently ...
  4. Rawls

    Baldur's Gate III

    It's extremely good. Bardlock Wyll was such a fun playthrough.
  5. Rawls

    Build Planner — craft your Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty builds!

    Hack and slash netrunner looks very cool.
  6. Rawls

    What game are you currently playing

    I'm playing Wyl as my main with 2 levels in Warlock and 9 Levels in Swords Bard. Expertise in persuasion goes a long way.
  7. Rawls

    What game are you currently playing

    Like many others, Baldur's Gate 3. Currently in Act III. It's great. Probably a top 5 game for me. Maybe a top 3. We'll see if the story sticks the landing.
  8. Rawls

    The General Videogame Thread

    Alright, fine, I'll get Final Fantasy XVI.
  9. Rawls

    Endings are Mass Effect all over again, my hope is now on PL and mods

    Well in the case of both Mass Effect and Cyberpunk specifically, it has mostly to do with the themes of the game. Mass Effect 3 is all about sacrifice for the greater good. Shepard can save the entire galaxy in a number of different ways (but Control is super anti-thematic plus a little crazy...
  10. Rawls

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty arrives on September 26th!

    Yeah if they were going to have a main quest option introduced from PL, the alternate ending would almost have to be an available free DLC option for base game players too but I'm not confident that could work ...
  11. Rawls

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty arrives on September 26th!

    I agree almost entirely. I loved the Star Ending. But the prospect certainly is interesting.
  12. Rawls

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty arrives on September 26th!

    It looks really good. Excited to jump back in. I'm intrigued by the hints at "saving V" and how that might interact with the endings of the main quest, or if it's all just some false hope for her.
  13. Rawls

    When Would You Purchase the Sequel?

    CDPR consistently has two historical negatives to their games, they are (at least) somewhat buggy at launch and they miss deadlines. :shrug: For better or worse, I do think if CDPR sticks with Unreal Engine 5 after the next Witcher game ... that the bugs issue will probably be somewhat less. But...
  14. Rawls

    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    Yeah I'll snag it at release. I've been waiting to do another playthrough once it drops.
  15. Rawls

    Should V be the protagonist of Project: Orion? [Spoilers]

    I'd like them to continue V's story. You'd have to have four different prologues, with one coming from each of the main endings (Star, Glory, Temperance, Devil) and then unifying in a central storyline. I think there is real IP value in continuing to use the characters that exist in 2077s...
  16. Rawls

    Now playing [music]

    I've really been enjoying this album the last few weeks.
  17. Rawls

    What game are you currently playing

    FIFA 2023, Hogwarts Legacy and Horizon Forbidden West are the three I'm currently rotating through.
  18. Rawls

    PC Hotfix

    Lots of posts deleted. Please stay on topic and refrain from insulting others.
  19. Rawls

    🍺Welcome to The Hairy Bear: The Witcher Off-Topic

    My longest ever D&D campaign is wrapping up soon. We just passed the three year mark at the end of march of playing a weekly campaign together. It's been a blast. We commissioned a portrait of our D&D party from Rucky Art Studio to commemorate the occasion. I finally got my canvas of it...
  20. Rawls

    Movies / TV Shows!

    Are you saying they suck? In all seriousness, the fact that it has Liam Cunningham makes me intrigued.
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