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  1. Baidur68

    How old were you when cybeprunk was announced? What has changed?

    8 Years ago? 44. Yes I'm an old gamer 😉
  2. Baidur68

    Poll: What is your history with Cyberpunk games? When did you first discover this series?

    Fan of the Cyberpunk genre since I saw Blade Runner. Didn't know Cyberpunk 2020. But have played Shadowrun (tabletop and pc games). Stumbled on CP2077 early this year. And been diving in the lore and following this after that.
  3. Baidur68

    Workaround preload for physical/retail copies?

    Wouldn't it be simpler to just have the ability to preload. And start the possibility to unlock the game with the code on release day.
  4. Baidur68

    Which card are you using for Cyberpunk2077?

  5. Baidur68

    Why the person above you should be banned

    Banned for spoiling my joy while eating calamari rings.
  6. Baidur68

    [Poll] What kind of "role" do you want to play/lean into? (thread for fun)

    A scrounging techie streetkid with a fondness of old-fashioned shotguns.
  7. Baidur68

    Ghosts of Tsushima

    Full names in titles might be convenient. For a moment I thought this was a Game of Thrones thread 😉
  8. Baidur68

    How many of you plan on playing against your life path origin? I.E. street kid that is pro corpo etc...

    On my Corpo Going for option a. I'm gonna work with Militech.
  9. Baidur68

    Is CP77 on two discs?

    Nope. The dutch internet sellers might. I didn't. Literal text. Soundtrack on Cd's.
  10. Baidur68

    Is CP77 on two discs?

    From the pre-order pages for the Day one edition. At least showing up on all dutch sites I get direct links to when pre-ordering. There's ofcourse a chance they have wrong info.
  11. Baidur68

    Is CP77 on two discs?

    The PC version has no discs. You get a download code. The discs in the physical will be soundtrack cd's
  12. Baidur68

    Thoughts on influencers/youtubers being NPCs in the game

    When I'm playing a pen & paper RPG I don't have immersion problems when I see real life friends playing characters. If a npc has a fitting character role in Cyberpunk 2077 I don't care if it has a familiar face or not. It might only be immersion breaking if someone is in the game as his/herself...
  13. Baidur68

    Pre Order Question

    Order digital, directly from might work.
  14. Baidur68

    Cyberpunk 2077 — Hole In The Sun by Point Break Candy (Raney Shockne feat. COS and CONWAY)

    A bit boring. The Samurai stuff is quite below average too. The Grimes track is the only thing I really like so far.
  15. Baidur68

    Now playing [music]

    PJ Harvey's debut album Dry.
  16. Baidur68

    Thoughts on influencers/youtubers being NPCs in the game

    She would be perfect in the role of a media character presenting a history or news channel which would pop-up on screens in bars/elevators etc.
  17. Baidur68

    Why the person above you should be banned

    Come on. Never heard of the Who? Banned for that.
  18. Baidur68

    Thoughts on influencers/youtubers being NPCs in the game

    Actually it is Cybersmurf. But Lawnmower Smurf is way cooler 😋
  19. Baidur68

    Why the person above you should be banned

    Permaban for selling false documents (I think the spam post above this will be deleted)
  20. Baidur68

    How many difficulties will there be?

    I'm the complete opposite player, but I do agree. I'm not good with shooters. Especially boss fights. My first run will probably be story mode. But I will upgrade levels on subsequent runs if I find it easy enough.
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