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  1. Martind_Forlon_

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    I do not tried yet cars mods ... maybe I should give it a try :D ... Thx @Cali66 for inspiration! 1712073133 ... :D that car was a 1. april joke ... not bad :LOL:, I just now have read comments for this special mod :)
  2. Martind_Forlon_

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Popcorn time ... can't help myself, but begininng of the game is actually the most fun ... :) ... and this time with some decent mods
  3. Martind_Forlon_

    Game is ruined for me

    Use any rifle and use roofs to keep distance (relocate when they use grenades … you can use them too ofc :) ). It also didn’t hurt to make some preparations and look around little before ambush squad hit (aka drive a bit to desired place).The worst decision is try to stay in open place and fight...
  4. Martind_Forlon_

    Attached images are not displayed and cannot be opened

    Tried now display posts with older images and it seems there is some problem with attached files. Mabe could be checked by forum staff?
  5. Martind_Forlon_

    Logging in on forums after March 5th, 2024

    I still stay logged in, seems it is working solution.
  6. Martind_Forlon_

    Logging in on forums after March 5th, 2024

    I use browser cookies cleaning and now I need to get code too for each login (Firefox user, latest version). Now I have put this forum into exceptions (cookies deletion) and will see how it will work.
  7. Martind_Forlon_

    Patch 2.12

    Btw, there were done some ‘silent’ changes to the 2nd launcher few days ago … very likely cooperation with GOG and it can now properly detect PL DLC ownership which means there is now not any advertisement to ‘ultimate’ version purchase which I personally really appreciate. I also had little...
  8. Martind_Forlon_

    Patch 2.12

    It is quite highly disruptive, for me :) ... I know, it is only a matter of time to get used to it, but ... Anyway, Thx for advice, I know about this option. What I do not know is whether will work mods (especially redmods) with using directly CP2077 executable. For now I use clean game, but...
  9. Martind_Forlon_

    Patch 2.12

    I've got today quick reply from support that they are aware about this issue and are working with GOG to fix it.
  10. Martind_Forlon_

    Patch 2.12

    Just saying ... that 2nd launcher which appears now when playing game via GOG is really a very bad one. I usually tend to defend CDPR and I really like more games from this company ... however this 2nd launcher filled with highly intrusive and unwanted advertisiment (offering to buy ultimate...
  11. Martind_Forlon_

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    I saw more new small bugs during my latest play (2.1), but nothing was game breaking for me (PC). Looking forward to upcoming patch! ... to be honest I'm really curious what all will be adressed. 2.1 seemed to me little less polished, but I hardly can complain too loud with all of those hours...
  12. Martind_Forlon_

    Go back to cynosure

    Forgot one tech there too during my last play ... it would be nice to have a way back, ideally if there would be still deadly danger with the need to hide regularly. But Cynosure is very likely purposely created as a kind of one-time exceptional affair ... it may be unpopular decision from...
  13. Martind_Forlon_

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    That was really very intense end of PL ... no matter that I experienced it few more times already. Truly great work by CDPR.
  14. Martind_Forlon_

    How do you make frustrating Arasaka random ambushes stop?

    I'm not yet so far in "vanilla" story line but guess I may progress it a bit before finish PL part ... looking forward to Arasaka ninjas anihilation ;). Since I tend to go for violent solutions (with very few exceptions), I guess will experience those ambushes rathar sooner as later. for OP...
  15. Martind_Forlon_

    Night City Alive

    I tried first presented mod in 2.0 and it worked really well, now I guess it’s time to try both, thx @Katane91 ! I really appreciate that these mods are redmods, much easier to maintain the game when official patches kicks in. This is also my main reason why I try keep amount of mods to minimum...
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