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  1. rpgfiend

    Pet Build

    Would have loved to have a pet build in this game where you have/control drones and bots.
  2. rpgfiend

    Braindance porn genuinely curious how people view this

    I think it would be cool for immersion (along with lap dances) but would be very low on my list of asks.
  3. rpgfiend

    Low-Level Grinding Area

    Those are all late-game locations and not suitable for a low-level character.
  4. rpgfiend

    Low-Level Grinding Area

    Sure do! I like grinding/farming, plus I need those attribute points! :giggle:
  5. rpgfiend

    Not getting Quickhacks from Access Points

    I get no quickhacks from APs with the perk either.
  6. rpgfiend

    excuse me. How to get lvl 50 before back to story line :0 ?

    I can barely survive stuff and I'm only playing on Normal. :LOL:
  7. rpgfiend

    Low-Level Grinding Area

    Anyone have a good area to grind some XP for a low-level toon? Just completed The Heist, level 11. 'Preciate the help choom!
  8. rpgfiend

    Attack Always On

    Anyone ever have an issue with your weapons being stuck on attack? Every once in a while when I draw a weapon it just starts spraying everything and won't stop! Kinda LOL'n about it, but sucks when you're tryna stealth. [UPDATE] I tracked the latest occurance of this to tapping the Server Room...
  9. rpgfiend

    Where are the rockerboys?

    I really wanna play the tabletop rpg now, as you said, the limitations of video games only gives you a taste of what is possible in the TT game.
  10. rpgfiend

    Where are the rockerboys?

    I was thinking there would be something with starting a band and doing battles, seems like a great side-game.
  11. rpgfiend

    Insane RAM Costs at Low Level

  12. rpgfiend

    Insane RAM Costs at Low Level

    They are in the same area, Kabuki.
  13. rpgfiend

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    How did you getta shot somersaulting over a rail while firing?!?!? o_O
  14. rpgfiend

    Insane RAM Costs at Low Level

    Any of you chooms know why RAM costs for Quickhacks can vary from encounter to encounter? At low levels, in say Kabuki for instance, I'll Breech a group of gangbangers which will give me RAM costs of like 1 or 2 but I go to the next group, Breech them and RAM costs are like 17! Anyone know why...
  15. rpgfiend

    Thanks for making Cyberpunk 2077!

    Yes, definitely enjoying this as well, another Skyrim-level game imo! So much room to build on too! what's that? You want a pet class too? I know!
  16. rpgfiend

    Why the person above you should be banned

    For posting too many times in this thread! :LOL:
  17. rpgfiend

    Ok so is this another lie by cdpr ?

    I think some people just buy games so they have one more thing to complain about. It's like following people you hate on Twitter! :LOL:
  18. rpgfiend

    I am having fun. Are you?

    Yea this game really makes me want to play the tabletop RPG again!
  19. rpgfiend

    The studio needs our support!

    I don't understand what all of the hubbub is about! Sure there are bugs and missed opportunities, but I have yet to see a "perfect" game. I know I'm enjoying playing! I think people spend too much time dwelling on negativity anymore, it's a lifestyle. Let's not forget what a shitty year this...
  20. rpgfiend

    Lawsuit is happening sad days ahead

    I think the backlash over this game is sad and disproportionate, sure there are issues and missed opportunities but I have never seen a "perfect" game, ever. This is just the last gasps of the effed-up year that was 2020. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and would like to thank the men and...
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