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  1. G0ds1ck

    REDstreams Zusammenfassung

    Endlich Mit der Metro und Radio Vexelstrom durch NC reisen :cool:
  2. G0ds1ck

    List of announced improvements of patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty

    Will there be graphic Updates as well, on Console for instance?
  3. G0ds1ck

    Games you love but which failed miserably

    Clive Barker's Jericho, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth and Eternal Darkness. Really liked, the tone, style and overall Idea of those games.
  4. G0ds1ck

    Game of the Year edition in 2023?

    The term is likely used as an placeholder. They said they want to make a similar edition like The Witcher 3's Game of the Year Edition after all Expansions/DLCs were released
  5. G0ds1ck

    Die Fotomodus-Herausforderung ist zurück!

    Hab ich. Die Regeln ändern nur leider nichts daran
  6. G0ds1ck

    We are back with the second edition of Photo Mode Challenge!

    So, to no surprise the winners of the Outfit challenge are modded. Congrats to the winners, looking good
  7. G0ds1ck

    Die Fotomodus-Herausforderung ist zurück!

    Wäre schön wenn ihr das nächste Mal einfach nen eigenen Wettbewerb für Fotos die Mods verwenden macht damit es nicht so wie jetzt unfair gegenüber den Konsolenspielern die keine Mods nutzen können wird
  8. G0ds1ck

    Is there room to tell a direct sequel to V's story?

    I wish there would have been at least one ending where V lives. Most other endings feel kinda "unfinished" like something is missing. So I would really like to see more of V but if it's not gonna be I'm shure CDPR will come up with another great Character. But in my opinion V has still something...
  9. G0ds1ck

    Please allow us to reset our attribute points after 1.5 patch

    I kinda like it that you can't reset your attribute points. It encourages players to really think about their build and what they can/can't do with it. But I understand why some want to be able to reset them, especially when the Developers continue changing skills/requirements of weapons. Maybe...
  10. G0ds1ck

    Attributspunkte zu wenig

    Du bekommst doch noch mehr Punkte wenn du im lvl steigst. Du bist jetzt bei 30 und 50 ist max.
  11. G0ds1ck

    We are back with the second edition of Photo Mode Challenge!

    They may be not decisive but we can't ignore the fact that you can make your Shot much more appealing with Mods, thus more likely to get selected. So, yeah still unfair in my book :/
  12. G0ds1ck

    We are back with the second edition of Photo Mode Challenge!

    So, Mods are allowed as long as they are Comunity Mods? That's a big let down and pretty unfair to Console Players
  13. G0ds1ck

    Wird es zum gleichen Desaster in Projekt "Orion" kommen ?

    Wir müssen wohl unterschiedliche Spiele spielen, bei mir wurde das Spiel mit jedem Patch besser :shrug:
  14. G0ds1ck

    Should V be the protagonist of Project: Orion? [Spoilers]

    I would really like to see V again. Her/his Story was really good but felt a bit rushed. I still feel very interested in the Character of V and there is a lot of untouched ground that, in my opinion, is worth to discover/explore. It wouldn't be the End of the World if not, I could definitely...
  15. G0ds1ck

    CD PROJEKT Group Strategy Update: Long-term Product Outlook

    So glad to hear that there will be a Sequel to CP 2077! Can't wait :cool::cool:
  16. G0ds1ck

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Netflix Show !Spoilers!

    Yeah, Studio Trigger definitely has it's own Style ^^
  17. G0ds1ck

    Ongoing Suggestions after 1.6

    Increasing the LoD and Draw Distance of Vehicles
  18. G0ds1ck

    (GELÖST) Kostenloser Caliburn nach quest "ghosttown" nicht mehr zu bekommen?

    Wurde mit Patch 1.5 geändert. Du brauchst jetzt zusätzlich noch einen StreetCred von min. 40, dann taucht die Quest Murk Man Returns Again Once More Forever auf in der du den Caliburn bekommst
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