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    Achievements/Contracts/Rewards are Missing or Bugged

    my bug is in thronebreaker, achievement "300 point in 1 round" dont work
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    GWENT: Ask a Dev Discussion Thread

    Thronebreaker, so only digital version, right?
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    Get your Legendary cards!

    the event dont work for me, i find only bronze card in 1 of 3 :eek::cry: event is over now???
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    Daily Quest/Challenge Questions

    understood, thankyou
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    Daily Quest/Challenge Questions

    how exactly daily quests work??? until now i find only 1 quest for day, but i read "1/3 quests". i complete it but nothing happens, i cant find the second of 3
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    Italian Translation and Officer Tag

    Italian Translation and Officer Tag hello, i see 2 problems with new patch, italian traslation of "magne division" nilfgaard card (absolutely wrong). second problem, "officer" tag of ehmyr dont work for me in combo with "black infantry arbalest)
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    Unseen Elder ability

    ohhh ok, i did not read, so is not a bug, just a disaster of balance, you can do almost 40 with one card
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    Unseen Elder ability

    Unseen Elder ability hello, i think ability of Unseen Elder dont work corretly, specially if you use on harpy eggs, he dont absorbe just strengh of units eaten but much much more
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    Harpy (Egg) Triggers Deathwish (for Nekkers, Earth Elemental)

    ...and what when Unseen Elder absorbe harpy egg? i think here is a big problem, i dont know if bug, glitch or just error in balance, but Unseen elder becomem about 27 strengh with 3 eggs....
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    One update to position them all — positioning update now available!

    crash, crash, crash, this patch is a disaster for software stability
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    [BUG] Reinforcement card

    reinforcement with last patch is random bugged with all bronze units, sometimes redanian elite, sometimes machines, need a fix
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    [Bug] Reinforcement can no longer target siege weapons

    sometimes work, sometimes bugged
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    Reinforcement dont work correctly

    Reinforcement dont work correctly i think is a problem with silver card "reinforcement", i cant target with this card my "machine", but they are "bronze unit". i dont read nothing in last patch changelog, is a bug?
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    Patch 0.8.25 Changelog

    aaaaahhh c'mon........ another patch punitive vs NR :(
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    GWENT key availability and distribution

    burza we can know how many keys have been distributed? we are divided into regions? i dont play an monster number of matchs, but often i find as opponents the sames guys
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    [Bug] Can't find an opponent

    same problem for me. i need to try 1,2,3,also 10 times to find an opponent. i play from italy
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    [ITALY] - The witcher italia

    appena finito la signora del lago...
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    Five Global Game Awards 2015 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

    YEEahhhh! Geralt rulez!
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    [ITALY] - The witcher italia

    sono arrivato ad ard skellige per il funerale, e urge un'informazione intercontestuale..... ermellino sarebbe saccoditopo ?
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