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  1. J

    Other Possible Musicians

    Nine Inch Nails would be nice to be honest
  2. J

    Night City 2020 vs Night City 2077

    So I understand that people might be disappointed with police or Ai or whatever, but I really don't care much about that stuff. What I was super excited for and what I felt let down the most was the representation of the city in flashbacks. I wasn't expecting an insane amount of effort to be put...
  3. J

    What would you like to see in a Collectors Edition?? "Picture of a figure attached"

    I'm very excited to see what you guys do with the Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition. I loved the Witcher 3 CE, even if the paintjob on Geralt was lacking compared to the fantastic Griffin. If I had one suggestion overall, I'd ask to make sure that the paintjob is more consistent across the...
  4. J

    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    The idea that character customization suddenly doesn't matter because of a camera perspective and the idea of third person being a superior camera mode for RPGs is plain hilarious. Why wouldn't we be able to see our characters and outfits because the gameplay is in first person? They already...
  5. J

    Why there is no animals in trailer?

    IIRC natural bred animals are extremely, extremely rare and very very expensive. Cloned animals are another thing and are more common although not insanely common.
  6. J

    In Defense of the First Person Perspective

    There's no actual need to defend first person as camera perspective isn't a big deal in the first place and isn't going to automatically make the game better or worse. As long as the camera works, then things are fine.
  7. J

    Hello, Night City!

    Haha I love the power creep stuff. Making a character in 2020 is my favorite thing to do with all the gear and skills from the main sourcebook and the add-ons like Pacific Rim and the Chromebooks. Although a lot of the new stuff is pretty OP, I never really felt like it completely broke the...
  8. J

    Hello, Night City!

    Ruiner, Blade Runner, Red Strings Club, Satellite Reign, all the Deus Ex games, Shadowrun, NeoTokyo, Gemini Rue, VA-11 HALL-A, Observer. Those are all the ones I've played and would recommend, but there is a plethora of Cyberpunk games that could be found with Google search of "List of Cyberpunk...
  9. J

    Hello, Night City!

    There is plenty of the dirty, darker atmosphere in the trailer. There are also some flashy and brighter moments in the trailer that are very appropriate with the setting. I don't actually understand the issue as it looks to capture the feel of Cyberpunk 2020 very well.
  10. J

    Hello, Night City!

    It's pretty amazing how people have this strict idea of what a cyberpunk world looks like. It has to be dark, there has to be muted colors, there can't be a hint of happiness, etc. This weird criticism reminds me a lot of some of the criticism I heard towards the day segments in Deus Ex...
  11. J

    Display the Number of Cards, Variations and Premiums Owned When Opening Kegs

    Good idea, thought about it myself. Would like to be able to see what cards I have when I choose because I forget myself.
  12. J

    Keg Purchases Carry Over to Final Game?

    Keg Purchases Carry Over to Final Game? Title is my question, was wondering if anything I buy will be available when the beta ends and the game comes out.
  13. J

    What's so special about Cerys that she costs so much to craft?

    There are more ways to get your cards in the graveyard than by sacrificing them. By putting a few Queensguard in your deck and using a card that allows you to discard them into the graveyard, I assume she'd be very useful. I don't exactly understand her either, but that's my feeling. I'm...
  14. J

    no rewards past lvl 6

    I don't think I understand, you should always get a reward at the end of a level right? But only once per day for only 3 levels you will be able to get rewards in between levels. I haven't been getting either for today. I'm at level 7 or 8 and haven't gotten anything at the end of those levels.
  15. J


    Same issue, here are the cards that crash me
  16. J

    [BUG] Priestess of Freya

    This happens to me as well. So damn horrible. Had so many "aha!" moments with the skirmishers only for them to benefit my enemy instead of me.
  17. J

    GOTY Edition for free for existing owners of W3+season pass

    So the GotY edition comes with the additional soundtracks available for download right? The HoS one and the BaW. I don't remember ever receiving that as an extra with my season pass and I just checked and still got nothing. Would like to have that at least.
  18. J

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I had extremely low hopes for Andromeda after Mass Effect 2 and 3. Now after Inquisition I have almost no faith in Bioware's ability to not only write, but make engaging gameplay so I can only expect the worst from ME:A.
  19. J

    [Mod Idea] Reducing wind effect

    Sorry for not responding in awhile. I'm unfamiliar with how to edit the game files and while it seems simple enough to change values, if anyone could tell me what to do/how to do it I'd be grateful. Also the reason why I want this change is because I've never seen trees bend like they do...
  20. J

    [Mod Idea] Reducing wind effect

    [Mod Idea] Reducing wind effect Is there any possible way to make the wind in The Witcher 3 a little less strong? I'm not a huge fan of trees bending like they do in the game and was wondering if there was some way to help reduce that effect.
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