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    [BUG] after 2.1 patch - location tracing despite sonic shock

    Same here, I guess the "OMG stealth netrunning isn't possible anymore" trolls are finally correct!
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    post 2.01 BUG REPORT: tier downgrade for arms cyberware

    Same problem here with gorilla arms.
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    VIOLENCE bugged?

    Same problem for me. There's some kind of event with Mr Kipper going on at the cllub instead. No idea what quest it's related to.
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    So is the entire game going to get a massive overhaul?

    The scale of the hit on CDPR's reputation shouldn't be underestimated and they know they need to fix that. I can't see them competely re-making it, but at least responding to the main complaints and adding content where possible. Don't forget that they overhauled the first 2 Witcher games...
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    Night City is too peaceful.

    OK, those numbers are way off. I'm responsible for at least twice that number every day. Can the devs patch in better statisticians?
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    Night City is too peaceful.

    This actually happens in AC Valhalla. They jump out of the bushes screaming revenge for a family member. So I kill them. Then another family member probably plans revenge for them and then I kill them and then another family.... Honestly, in AC VAlhalla I've probably eradicated several extended...
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    Night City is too peaceful.

    Yeah, I was making polite conversation with a Maelstromer late in the game and he never said, "Hey, aren't you the guy who murdered a few hundred of my fellow gang-members?"
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    Night City is too peaceful.

    Sorry, this makes no sense. You want the majority of civilians to be gun-toting badasses? I'm happy to suspend disbelief for games but this is totally unrealistic. Normal people run.
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    What is your favorite character in Cyberpunk 2077?

    Skippy. Mic drop. End thread.
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    Stealth: list of bugs & issues (please contribute)

    Same here. This happens to me constantly.
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    Skill Shard Crafting

    Are you sure? Were they on skills you'd maxed out before picking up the shard?
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    Skill Shard Crafting

    I think you've miunderstood what you picked up. You can't craft Skill Shards. You picked up a shard called "Skill Shard: Crafting". The colon is important. It means it's a skill shard that gives you XP towards your Crafting skill. It doesn't let you craft skill shards.
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    Skill shards. Oh dear.

    I think it's a static reward each time.
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    Skill shards. Oh dear.

    First reaction to a perk shard: "OMG A FREE PERK! That's awesome!" First reaction to a Skill Shard: "OMG FREE XP! That's awesome!" Second reaction to a Skill Shard: "400 XP? Seriously?"
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Can I also recommend books?
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    Night vision or a flashlight.

    Out of curiosity, did anyone get stuck in a dark closet for several minutes during the escape from Takemura's safehouse? Because that would be embarrassing.
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    Does anyone like this autoleveled loot mechanics?

    To compare with Witcher 3, I loved the W3 Witcher gear. I'd argue it'd work here too. A) You can find something with stats that fit your play style/ perk choices. B) you can actually realistically upgrade it with achievable components. C) All the sets look really cool, unlike the ridiculous...
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    Driving in Cyberpunk ....

    I second this. I play the game with keyboard and mouse except driving, which is soooooooooo much better, even enjoyable, with a controller.
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    Queen of the Highway quest reward

    Let me check I understand. A straight male V has to choose between his woman and his car? Did no-one at CDPR give any thought to gender politics?
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