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  1. backtron

    Visual rain glitch

    Ohhh... so it's a glitch. My vanilla unmodded version has done this already for a long time (since 1.3 or so). I was thinking my GPU is on it's way out, now i'm calm. Since we're talking rain, i always find jarring how 2D it looks. When you look and move around it feels stuck to your screen...
  2. backtron

    What do you want to see in the new 2.0 patch? Or in the next patches?

    * More use of all the items - additional mechanics or useges in world, effects upon consumption With all that trash you can collect it feels like it should have more significance while combining, using and dropping them. - drop glowsticks - drop a bunch of nade for huge explosion / explosive...
  3. backtron

    T-Bug Really... ? (Spoilers)

    Another thing to think about. In one of the endings you get to "talk" with few soul-killed characters stored on Mikoshi. There's never any sign of T-bug in there.
  4. backtron

    Platform Discussion Thread

    Nah, it's been my main platform for over a decade. Thing is most cross-platform stuff either just works or require individual approach. GOG obviously doesn't just work.. so i'm looking either for 2077 specific how-to or just the general steps people have taken to get it running.
  5. backtron

    Long range play-style

    Yup, i'm thinking further. Something a real fragile corpo or hacker would prefer. Across a highway, park or canal. So that melee gangoons can't easily see or reach me. AFAIK some cyber-psycho gigs don't even activate and they don't take damage if you're certain distance away. Like being up on...
  6. backtron

    Long range play-style

    Any tips for sneaky sniper-hacker long range build approach? Seems like it's not fully supported. Often i'd find a vantage point overlooking a quest area only to realize some of hackable objects or NPCs are out of range ( e.g. wouldn't react to distract or wont register quest kill objective...
  7. backtron

    Platform Discussion Thread

    Where would i even start? Wine-install GOG under linux? What's the basic rundown of what needs to be done? * sudo apt-get install proton? * wine gog-installer.exe? * wine gog -> install 2077? * proton -> 2077 main executable?
  8. backtron

    What do you want to see in the new 2.0 patch? Or in the next patches?

    Simple cheat codes or creative mode tools - something to mess around after exhausting missions. To have simple, brainless fun, make photos, videos with the awesome city after you completed every pre-made activity. Spawning cars, enemies, any items, basic pre-fabs, disabling cops, NPCs, unlocking...
  9. backtron

    What immersion-breaking bugs do you want to be fixed ?

    Gotta agree. Not just this instance, but other common cases of "invalid actions" too. Here asking to come unarmed or The Voice applying weapon glitch on you would work well. Other generic, repeated cases that break the 4th wall could be neatly hidden under lore: * Playable area limits - why not...
  10. backtron

    Perpetual Low Graphic Settings?

    That doesn't look like low settings. In some shots looks like stuff simply doesn't load. What are your specs? Do you have enough RAM, VRAM to run the game? Is your HDD healthy, your system temperatures in check? OTOH other shots look just fine.
  11. backtron

    Bright lines around sights of guns

    Yup, Textures seem to be immensely better with 1.5. So far have not noticed any bleeding pixels, advertisements in place of distant road signs, or other mis-matches. And yes, that multilayered scope looks like intended effect. It resembles the multi layered optics of holographic sight and edge...
  12. backtron

    Hard drives and CP 2077

    I suspect it tries to access them. I had micro-lag on every auto save until i disabled my backup HDD.
  13. backtron

    What more interactive if each choice cost 1 FR and two more months delay?

    What the hell is 1 FR ? What is " shop doors " ? I'm sorry.. i'm unable to comprehend half of OPs post.
  14. backtron

    Shower, sit & sleep function in other apartments

    IDK. Kinda sounds like high effort feature for mostly gimmicky use. I've used shower exactly once to try it out in 3 play-troughs and 400hrs. Putting time into features like this begs for supporting game-play. Like - don't shower after a gig and you won't be let into high end shops or have...
  15. backtron

    Documenting "Features", AI Habbits, and Oddities in Physics

    What about short low level cycles? IMHO lack of those is more visible than full 24h cycle. If you frequent an area or linger a little it's very obvious that everyone is stuck in the same micro-loop. Messing with their phone, walking back and forth, operating vending machine. For a minute, two...
  16. backtron

    Why so much faith was put into Cyberpunk 2077 by gamers?

    TBH at no point was I disappointed in what I got for my money. In that regard my expectations were realistic and met. What made me a bit sad the game ending with so much potential left untapped. Wanted more of it. Seeing how much work was put in locations, world, mechanics but underutilized...
  17. backtron

    Why so much faith was put into Cyberpunk 2077 by gamers?

    For me it was development cost and sale price. Quick cross check with similarly budgeted projects and simple interpolation gave me the general idea what scope, complexity and positioning by CDPR to expect. RDR2 540Mil 2077 317Mil GTA5 265Mil FO4 250Mil COD:MW2 250Mil SW:TOR 200Mil JC3 <150Mil ...
  18. backtron

    Let's complain about things that aren't parroted in the media

    I think huge reason for complaints is quality discrepancy. Overall the game is of very high quality and fidelity (animations, art, story, models, textures). This makes even the tiniest detail of lesser quality stand out like sore thumb, while it would've been perfectly fine in simpler product...
  19. backtron

    Let's complain about things that aren't parroted in the media

    V not saying anything when you press F to talk with NPCs, but them replying. Could pop something like minimal "Hi / how are you / bye / Piss off " choice.
  20. backtron

    Bright lines around sights of guns

    Don't think it's gun specific. Looks like engine thing and happens with many transparent textures: In the mean while i don't think i had this on very early versions (~1.04), but it's so random that it might've been just lucky during that time.
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