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  1. madmidder

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.3 development insight]

    Minimap change This better not be all you have for us. You really just increase zoom after you enter vehicle? What about dynamic minimap with reacting on player speed? This is super lazy solution. Skye or Angel? "Value for video time was shorter than the video sequence." Again.. what is this...
  2. madmidder

    Can't run the game, RED Engine error

    Hello, I haven't format or reinstalled my PC for months and I already played 197hrs of Cyberpunk right after release. I keep everything up to date. Information about my PC: - Ryzen 5 2600, 3.85Ghz - 16GB of DDR4 memory at 3100Mhz - GIGABYTE RTX 2060 Super, 8GB, at 1680 MHz - Game is on 1TB...
  3. madmidder

    Can't run the game, RED Engine error

    Thank you for help, sadly it's not working even after clean install of Nvidia drivers.
  4. madmidder

    Can't run the game, RED Engine error

    Hey, after some time i decided to play the game again, sadly I can't run it right now, right after launch I get this error. img01 img02 img03 Anyone here know what to do? I tried Verify integrity of game files, but nothing changed. Thank you for help.
  5. madmidder

    500 Hour Club!

    Insane, and I thought I have a lot. lol
  6. madmidder

    1.2 Black Unicorn showing 0.0 DPS

    This is there from the release, items in storage for some reason are not showing DPS. At least I have (and had) it with all my weapons.
  7. madmidder

    [SOLVED] IMPORTANT: PC version vulnerability

    I heard Cyber Engine Tweaks fixing it, so I guess developer of this mod.. I wouldn't be surprised :)
  8. madmidder

    The border issue

    Load last save (that one before Embers) and do mission again I guess.
  9. madmidder

    Night City map is not complete, yet.

    No it wasn't scrapped, in some counties it was restricted, but not scrapped. I think biggest problem in GTA Online was you can buy shark cards(in game $) for real money so you can spend real money on the gambling in the game. If there is not option to buy eddies, it should be fine and in lines...
  10. madmidder

    Performance still shocking

    What are XMP profiles and how do I use them? | PC Gamer
  11. madmidder

    Ok CDPR, this need to be changed/fixed

    I want to see gang wars too, if you look on GTA:SA Gang Warfare (link), it was super simple, nothing huge but still very good.. I don't believe this is something CDPR have to work on for months. Question is if is it worth to do it, if it was very good in San Andreas why it is not in GTA IV or...
  12. madmidder

    Night City map is not complete, yet.

    Yes, as I posted above, this is summary of locked or incomplete locations.
  13. madmidder

    Focus on Updates & DLC instead of Multiplayer

    here we go again..
  14. madmidder

    Night City map is not complete, yet.

    Hehe, I hope too. Thank you for the map. Nothing very interesting, true. Yes I know, I posted edit in this thread awhile ago.
  15. madmidder

    Why the person above you should be banned

    398 Hours played in Cyberpunk, he has real problem. jk
  16. madmidder

    Rate the avatar above you!

    seksi 6/9
  17. madmidder

    what went wrong? analysis

    Everything we saw in 2018 was fake just because we haven't got it? That make sense /s If you have gameplay demo 2 years old with "subject to change" text whole time on the video and you are still hyped, your disappointment is only your fault. Sorry to say it, but that's true. As Adam said, in...
  18. madmidder

    Ok CDPR, this need to be changed/fixed

    That's something I mentioned but not about clothing, but about levels and armor. It can have RPG elements but this isn't just working in shooter games. You SHOULD be able to kill someone with .50 cal sniper if you hit him in the head and his level shouldn't be factor. It's even weirder if you...
  19. madmidder

    Look what I found hidden under a certain tunnel

    I think you have to do Ghost Town mission with Panam and after that you can get this car. If I'm not mistaken it's also fastest car in the game.
  20. madmidder

    Ok CDPR, this need to be changed/fixed

    My stats are like this at this moment and it's enough to do what ever you want on very hard. I don't care about health and I'm not playing cold blood. But it's still super annoying to have everywhere armadillos. This should be reworked, I'm not interested in one mod. I want to use others.
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