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  1. Strangler

    Ludonarrative dissonance

    Personally I don't like the time limit in games, even if it is just a narrative one. It's cheap ploy to create tension and immersion, which quickly falls apart beacause you hear that you have weeks to live, but also you can literally spend months of in game time and nothing happens. Bad...
  2. Strangler

    Patch 1.31

    You are lucky, My game crashes at the beginning of last mission of the game. So I guess no fix for that also. Yay, so much money spent on a game that I can't refund and can't finish. Guess I will have to wait. But I will not buy anything more from CDPR.
  3. Strangler

    Updated Roadmap

    Looks like the game will never be delivered in full. Shame, but CDPR word is no longer of any worth. I suppose we will never get the braniching quest paths, life paths that actually matter, AI that works as they promised and all this stuff. Looks like only thing that matters is pushing out the...
  4. Strangler

    1.3 Ongoing Bugs List

    Not sure if this belongs here but, this never occured before latest patch. Glitch happened when I tried to move the map with coursor. youtube link below:
  5. Strangler

    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    So, after more than a week of exchanging e-mails with CDPR Support, this is the recommendation. What's funny is that this will not give me guarantee that problem will be fixed, as I need to start new playthrough and go through all the main story to check out if the problem stil persisst. If it's...
  6. Strangler

    1.3 Several Access Points Not Working - Completes, Exits, No Eddies / XP / Anything

    I had some issues with the rewards not displaying properly after hacking the access points, but after I killed an enemy, picked up items, or completed quest right after using them, the rewards (eddies, components, xp) started to pop up normally, like there was some lag or something. But few...
  7. Strangler

    Black Caliburn won't repair

    Did the same to me - I was not able to interact with it. I summoned different car which repaired itself and was working fine the I summoned Caliburn again and it magically repaired itself. Maybe you are close to making it fix itself? I don't know what to tell you, this game acts really strange...
  8. Strangler

    Black Caliburn won't repair

    Does the car icon dissapears from mini map when you drown it? It has to vanish from the minimap. The first time I drowned black Caliburn and summoned it, it still showed up destroyed, I summoned another car that showed up ok (it was also destroyed completely) and then I fast travelled to...
  9. Strangler

    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    As far as I know yes. Right now I'm clockin on 236 hours of gameplay. 127 hours on first playthrough on patch 1.23, as well as about 88 hours of second one, and this is the only instance it crashes. The last couple of hours of second playthrough is on 1.3 sooooo... I'm afraid this can be the...
  10. Strangler

    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    I have the issue where game crash to desktop in the mission "Knockin on Heaven's door" right after you crash land in Arasaka tower and finish talking with Rogue about saving/leaving Weyland. This is my second playthrough. I already finished game once but chose the Nomad ending and it was ok I...
  11. Strangler

    Black Caliburn won't repair

    I had the same problem. Eventually all my cars would not repair and could not explode. What solved it for me was drowning them in water, and then quick travelling to other part of map, and summoning them. If they came back destroyed I quick travelled again and summoned them and it solved the...
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