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  1. Kid_SixXx

    Does V start with cyberware?

    Scars are the evidence of character.
  2. Kid_SixXx

    Patch 2.02

    Excellent fixes! Thanks for the update! Did not see anything about fixing V's arsenal so that the craftable iconics appear on the wall or doing something about Viktor fake installing your initial cyberware. Guess I'll have to wait until the next update.
  3. Kid_SixXx

    Is there a happy ending?

    It's a cyberpunk setting. All endings are bittersweet. That's the beauty of dystopian fiction.
  4. Kid_SixXx

    Cops Are Too Easily Aggroed By V

    I also thought that the cops aggroed too easily during firefights until I noticed that I happened to be using tech and power ricochet weapons at the time. Once I started using other weapons, the cops did not aggro. I suspect NCPD got upset because the projectiles from my tech weapons and power...
  5. Kid_SixXx

    Bugs after Patch 2.0

    The craftable iconic weapons do not show up in V's arsenal when I store them in the stash. Also noticed that if you back out the cyberware menu after your initial installation at Vik's ripperdoc office, your Kiroshi's and Ballistic Coprocessor do not install. I am able to work around this by...
  6. Kid_SixXx

    What game are you currently playing

    I've been playing Starfield along with the rest of the world. Sea of Stars has also been a nice palate cleanser
  7. Kid_SixXx

    Music Contest winners announcement!

    Congratulations to all of the winners!
  8. Kid_SixXx

    Movies / TV Shows!

    First episode of The Last of Us was crazy good. It set a really high bar for the rest of the season.
  9. Kid_SixXx

    Cyberpsycho's - In game benefit to killing them?

    I suppose what I was trying to get at with all of that rambling is that the overall game could use a mechanism that rewards you for completing gigs within the mission parameters and negative consequences for not following them. Regina wants you to take the cyberpsychos alive so if you just...
  10. Kid_SixXx

    Cyberpsycho's - In game benefit to killing them?

    Yes, I have always believed that there should be some reward or punishment when it comes to following mission parameters. I honestly believe that you should either receive more street cred and / or eddies for doing things Regina's way, or there should be some mechanism for Regina to simply not...
  11. Kid_SixXx

    1.7 getting real close?

    I feel that we're in agreement in spirit but debating nitpicky semantics.
  12. Kid_SixXx

    Summarize your V with three songs

    Street Kidz in tha house. Kenji Kawai - Making of a Cyborg (with reprise) Method Man - Release Yo' Delf (The Prodigy remix) Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear (Is You).
  13. Kid_SixXx

    CDPR READ THIS - Fix Johnny's memories

    The whole point of Johnny Silverhand the Character is to serve as an unreliable narrator so of course his memories and recollections are totally sus. Johnny is little more than hacked software on a chip now so even if he is "lying," he is unaware that he is "lying."
  14. Kid_SixXx

    1.7 getting real close?

    April and May are in 2Q and near the end of 1Q, yes? I don't think that it is likely that the game will be released during 1Q unless it is on the very last day right before 2Q. :)
  15. Kid_SixXx

    Should Lyrics be a dealbreaker in GrowlFM?

    The songs could make direct references to Musk or McDonalds as long as it can be proven that the references neither infringe or dilute the copyright nor do they tarnish the brand or defame the person being referenced. Most creators tend to depict brands or people in an unflattering light as a...
  16. Kid_SixXx

    Movies / TV Shows!

    Took my daughter to see M3GAN over the weekend. It is a clever cautionary fable about allowing technology to proxy parent our children and has a bit of Child's Play and Frankenstein thrown in for good measure. The movie also has the good taste not to take itself too seriously. Two thumbs way up.
  17. Kid_SixXx

    Clothing Mods

    I think the devs figured out that making Clothing Mods available in stores removes the incentive to put a point into the Waste Not, Want Not perk in the Crafting tree or to save looted Clothing Mods rather than scrap them for mats.
  18. Kid_SixXx

    1.7 getting real close?

    I agree with the general sentiment. I would expect 1.7 to serve as the harbinger for the DLC release but i think that March is a pretty generous estimate. I don't think it will drop until close to the end of 1Q, so my guess would be April / May time frame.
  19. Kid_SixXx

    Should Lyrics be a dealbreaker in GrowlFM?

    No Save Point by Run the Jewels directly references Keanu Reeves, the real life model of Johnny Silverhand, and it is still on the soundtrack. No one seems terribly put out by it. I would not restrict the creativity of the Growl FM contestants just for the sake of player immersion since such...
  20. Kid_SixXx

    Are we even playing V in the DLC?

    Indeed. That is my second assumption. Since PL will be the only story DLC produced for 2077, it makes sense that it provide a springboad for Orion.
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