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  1. HellKnightX88

    LOD Settings for Models and Textures

    Not as bad as it is now I feel. Which is why I'm asking for an option to alter it according to your needs.
  2. HellKnightX88

    LOD Settings for Models and Textures

    As the title says it seems the optimizations made for last gen base consoles has also affected the PC version. The result of this is that there's a lot more pop-in and visible short distance LOD transitions than before. The water tower shouldn't look like that (top image) at such a short...
  3. HellKnightX88

    How to return 1.22 patch?

    With GOG you have to install the game and the patches you want manually (IE not let GOG Galaxy download and install things for you). You can find these game and patch installers: - in the extras section of the game page in GOG Galaxy or - go to click on the game you...
  4. HellKnightX88

    How to return 1.22 patch?

    You can do it on Steam and GOG. The issue is most digital game store clients are very barebones.
  5. HellKnightX88

    Hotfix 1.22

  6. HellKnightX88

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Cool stuff. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some actual patch notes soon.
  7. HellKnightX88

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    Unfortunate but understandable. Take your time.
  8. HellKnightX88

    "Saved Games" in default location

    Bumping this since I have I noticed the same issue. I moved my Saved Games folder to a different hard drive (this was done years ago) but the game still creates its saves in the default path "C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077" instead of where it's supposed to. EDIT...
  9. HellKnightX88

    Patch 1.1

    I don't get it, did people expect them to patch everything in 1.1? Yeah, it sucks that some of the fixes you might've wanted aren't in (I have quite a few such issues in mind myself) but the priority is fixing game blocking issues (quest scripts and events not firing off properly for example)...
  10. HellKnightX88

    This girl is anywere in the game?

    That's Lizzy Wizzy according to a dev on twitter a year or two ago. I guess that scene got cut.
  11. HellKnightX88

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    I thought they looked great :shrug:
  12. HellKnightX88

    [Spoilers] Do you like V?

    Favorite character in the game so.... yeah.
  13. HellKnightX88

    100% took 80hours

    191 on my first (and only so far) playthrough after finishing all the side content I could find and the main questline. After finishing the game I did find one more hidden quest while exploring and I completed it.
  14. HellKnightX88

    Dev leaked info ?

    Source: dude, trust me! It's a pretty obvious LARP.
  15. HellKnightX88

    Just started Fallout 4, What CP could have learned

    I get that some people are disapointed with CP2077... but Fallout 4.... really....!? I'd trade one 2077 for 10 FO4s any day of the week.
  16. HellKnightX88

    Who is Mr Blue Eyes? (spoilers)

    It does, Alt specifically mentions this in one of the endings.
  17. HellKnightX88

    I defend the game's design, except for one thing: The quest structure

    Every single one of them has a little story to tell and some are even connected with eachother if you read the emails, notes and listen to the guard conversations. Jotaro and Bugbear for example are mentiond in 3 or 4 quests even though they each have only 1 quest that involves them directly.
  18. HellKnightX88

    Ok so is this another lie by cdpr ?

    I hit 191 hours on my last save when I finished the final mission. So no, some people just take their time. I didn't just beeline from mission point to mission point.
  19. HellKnightX88

    Do you think the MP will turn into a cash cow for CDPR?

    I prefer singleplayer so I'm not all that interested in it. Might check it out tho. Personally I'd rather they worked on the sequel but I think it'll be quite a while until we get that (if we ever get it) because there's the MP game that's being worked on and there's also the Witcher 4 project...
  20. HellKnightX88

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    I don't think they'll let you find a cure in DLCs either. I think that story will be left for the sequel game.
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