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    GamesCom 2010 - new details revealed!

    Wooties, how exciting :-) A friend of mine, a computer magazine editor, will be going along to cover Gamescom (yes, I'm jealous!) all the way from Australia. I've already told him how sweetly I'll have to hurt him if he doesn't check out what's on offer from CDPR :-) Good luck with it all, and...
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    Savegame Market

    Hi saadishsnake, I think I might be able to help you out, if my game choices are ok with you. I'll send you through a PM with some details and we'll see how we go :-)
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    The Witcher 2 nominated. Three times!

    ooh, epic wooties! That's awesome news, congrats :-)
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    Dev Diary #1 available at IGN

    Aha, thank you for the alert, PM :-) Well then, hello Sebastian, Arkadiusz and one poor little fellow who didn't get his name added to the video but he had a really cool shirt :-( Tomasz, I believe I have seen and heard from you a few places before, because your voice was very familiar :-pSo...
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    Screenshot: Triss Merigold

    Looks like some pretty swanky surrounds to have a bath in, I applaud Triss' sense of taste and style in this particular regard :) After all, a girl's gotta be comfortable, right? :p
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    Polish President's Plane Crashes - 87 Dead

    I really can't find any words to express how shocked I am by this news. Truly a tragedy, for the families, for a nation and for history itself. I can't even begin to imagine what this must be like to live through as a nation.Tymon88 - thank you for sharing your perspective.
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    Geralt's look... always updated with new appearances

    Thanks for the additional info there, Blooddragon - very much appreciated.I noticed a difference in Geralt's appearance in the new trailer, my first impression was that he looks older than he did in TW1 - then I hop on here and find that most people find he looks younger :D Oops! :) And I'm...
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    A short goodbye

    Gotta love a man who always delivers on a promise :) And so you did, Mister Eriash, that was a short goodbye :P
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    CD Projekt RED at Games Convention - Day 2

    Well, that was a fun read, Brysiu :) Sounds and looks like a fun time :)
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    [Epilogue] Help! Stuck on my first playthrough close to the end!

    hairrorist, that sounds really annoying :( I haven't seen that before, but if you're interested, you could shoot it through to me and I'll give it a bit of a test run to see what I can see (PM me if you'd like to start with that and I'll send you my email address).Is there anybody in your...
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings leaked video FAQ

    Ah, interesting; thanks for taking the time to clear such things up for us. Nice one, peeps :beer: All right, boy, confess! :D Who was it? :)
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    Exclusive pack for KFC

    LOL now I have mental pictures of a stern Vesemir trying to do the Witcher's hair in the keep at KM, admonishing these full-grown men for squirming and putting up with them whining that he's pulling their hair :D
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    CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

    You know, that video was such a tease, talking about all the cool new things in development :D I can't wait to hear what's under the hood; all the changes to the game engine, the processes involved in stripping back to position zero (from a development point of view) and developing another game...
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    CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

    I'm actually quite taken with the spiffy new ponytail :D As Corylea said, there's an in-game precedent for it already, so that's a continuity, but also it's a matter of practicality. As a person with long (waist-length) hair, I know how annoying it is when it's falling in your face all the time...
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    Enhanced Edition (EE) Questions answered here

    Yep, lots of new dialog as part of the EE :) To the best of my knowledge, I don't think you can roll back just the dialog portion of the upgrade :(
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    CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

    Ah well, you poor buggers, but unfortunately these things do happen. I can imagine how frustrating it might be, though. Still, whatever happens, good luck! :beer:
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    Even more worldwide photos!

    You called? :beer:
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    Which (English) Voice Actors Do You Like the Best?

    I love a strong, deep male voice, so of course the G-man is right up at the top of my list :) Zoltan is a favourite because the characterisation was just perfect - it's just as you said, Cory, it wasn't like listening to an actor reading lines, it was like listening to Zoltan :)I also quite...
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    Sequel idea: Live action cinematics?

    That's a good point, Corylea :)The idea of live action in-game cinematics is certainly tempting. On one level, it can help us here in the real world relate more to what we see on the screen. It can bring a heightened sense of realism to the game in that it looks like our world, the characters...
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    The Witcher Adventure Card Game soon available in Spanish and English!

    ooh, wait, wait, I think we can do this one (I like your nickname)...*channels Eriash*We are working on a number of projects at the moment and we are working hard to bring you all the best quality games. I can tell you one thing for sure: any and all will be awesome :beer:*collapses*How'd I do...
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