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  1. Eric_Klien

    Deleted saves still there?

    "Had to delete both folders CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077 where the saves is located and let the game create it again before all saves was removed?" That solution worked for me. My problem is that I've been playing Cyberpunk 2077 forever and I had a ton of saves which caused entering the game...
  2. Eric_Klien

    Crafting is still BS

    "1.2 was meant to make the game more enjoyable not more grindy..." I completely agree with you!
  3. Eric_Klien

    Large Breast Size when clothed is actually Small Breast Size.

    You can get big breasts and butt in actual gameplay with I find it works best to set your breasts to normal size and then use this mod. I specifically picked the "SP0 - BODY MOD - AVERAGE BUTT BIG BREAST type" option. (This still gives you a bit...
  4. Eric_Klien

    Option/Toggle for the original braindance flashing/strobing effect

    You can get the original braindance effects at
  5. Eric_Klien

    Ammo limit but no grenade limit?

    He probably had most of those 5000 grenades in his stash. I had nearly 1000 of them in my last playthrough.
  6. Eric_Klien

    Crafting is still BS

    Dismantling soda cans was fun. In real life, aluminum soda cans are the only thing that is really profitable to recycle. This and other glitches such as sliding to survive a big fall were fun in the game. I really enjoyed going back to the site of the final big battle with Jackie and getting...
  7. Eric_Klien

    Mission Bug: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy

    With version 1.12, it said I hadn't entered the elevator even though I had. I eventually went back to the building and used the elevator a second time to get the mission to continue. The first time I had used the elevator by simply hacking it and put it into friendly mode. I used an access card...
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