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    Lock mechanic not working

    Waylay was changed to spawn a deadeye without the deathblow condition.
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    Thirsty dame bug?

    The sirens mentioned are spawned, not played. Cards spawned do not trigger.
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    Patch Notes 10.3

    I've had visual bugs like this all the time. Hovering over or clicking for more info on each card usually revealed which one was actually premium
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    Important update

    I understand and agree with companies feeling the need to have some stance on corporate citizenship and what not. It's something companies do to show the general sense of how their employees feel about topics as a collective. I do feel though that cutting off Russian players as a whole is a...
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    Scoundrel bypassing immunity

    The difference is the same one I had to learn when he was first announced. Scoundrel attacks "the" unit with bounty while the weaker bronze one attacks "a" unit with bounty. Apparently that is the huge difference, though I still agree that adding "regardless of status" or "directly" would be...
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    Didnt received seasonal RPs

    That was probably my demise. Didn't have play time last month
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    Didnt received seasonal RPs

    Didn't get any either
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    Tridam Infantry bug - doesn't always trigger damage

    Also, any chance that enemy unit had armor that might have been forgotten about?
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    Patch Notes 10.2

    My hyperthin didn't have control. Mine was more engine based for kolgrim and the other bronze viper witcher that boosted based on deck size. But that's probably why mine didn't work so well. 1644259931 I'll admit I forgot about wanderers. No contest on your point though.
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    Patch Notes 10.2

    Not saying Hyperthin is the hardest thing to play, but it is very draw dependent since you have multiple cards you don't want in hand round 1, has little to no control so it can easily be out-greeded in the first round, and you have to win round 1 with it or you might as well forfeit.
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    New Journey countdown

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    GWENT: Community Q&A Thread - Ask Your Questions Here

    Sounds like a bug. Would report here and select which platform you play on and then the technical category. Also sound like a bug. Same link as above to report. Just select the platform you play on and then the technical category Matchmaking has been said to be entirely random across the...
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    Deck of the Day

    Surprised this thread has been so quiet lately
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    Syndicate Coins not carrying over

    That's how coin carry over works between rounds. Can't speak to KoB though.
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    Netflix's The Witcher - Season 2

    Having watched the whole season, here's my two cents: I knew going in that it wasn't going to be a 100% like the books or the games, but rather its own thing. I honestly liked it for what it was. My only big issue was not having a lot of screen time. Other than that, I feel the cast as a...
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    Winter Holidays Contest 2021

    My plasma table only takes 2D files so I'm not entirely sure if 3D is available or where to even check.
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    Winter Holidays Contest 2021

    This is amazing!
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    Winter Holidays Contest 2021

    This is usually hanging up on my door. I plasma cut it out of steel and left the metal raw to give it an aged look. I was still learning how to work the machine at the time so there are some cutting errors, but school of the bear was my favorite armor set to hunt down. 1640196937 I also have...
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    Can we get a neutral defender card?

    IMO, there are so many remove or lose cards in the game as it is. Having all of them behind a defender, or multiple defenders, means having to carry more tech cards thus exacerbating the current greed / hyper control meta. I would rather just have NG defender changed so he isn't boosted like...
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    Give us longer turn times (more time to make a decision)

    Average match already takes 15 minutes for me to get through. Adding another 5 like @Draconifors calculated would make matches too long for me.
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