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    Expansion suggest

    I not best at writing i figure a better way to explain my ideal in list first the story i suggest miltech city in mount with clone factory at bottom of store two clones Johnny and Sabaro. cloning for mIltech has advance in leap and bound plus they create new organ they called the logan organ...
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    What about doing vehicle building quest

    what about have quest to build a military Vehicle like military version of Emperor 620 Ragnor
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    Expansion suggest

    often when you doing stories it linar what if you did expansion that change out of end for example The Cheyenne Mountain Complex could be made into mountain city called Gaia City run by Miltech let suppose you add this add romance between paman, johny and V and other possible romance. often...
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    the left vechile

    what happen to these can't we bring them to be sold though there mod for this i think interest to add this or bring them to implod lot
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    i not say permit i am say push this clone johnny body also have three way relationship with v and paman it interesting ideal. through silverhand look like the person who voice him which weird for everyone and funny as for johnny he could restart his music career sometime great victory is one...
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    In many games the ending of game doesn't leave heroine or hero with problems their start with found a way live with it V have split personality is in really world manger able with mental treatment. In the game you make a death sentence. To the creator of cyberpunk to be mental illness must far...
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    Chimira was story about a male fall in love with woman who both beautiful and ugly at same time when she was beautiful she was stupid when she ugly she was smart and she would change between the two at random point it fantasy novels. This could V and Johnny 1649507447 Johnny is very ugly...
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    Here suggestions what not so ending with romance where johnny remain paman and female V/ johnny you push the story and ask questions who is V is she johnny or V who does Paman love both or V and how advance romance so both romantic with her or any love interested. Remind me of book I read chimira
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    [POLL] Lifepaths

    Where Soldiers or cops lifestyle get so tire of corruption of system
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    romance choices and mess up

    I think they expansion should make all romance possible if you really want it
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    After all, who really is Judy Alvarez?

    Paman remind me of Zoe for firefly
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    More romance options please?

    i like them to open optional up to all the characters female V with paman and other first
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    We talk about tiny robot that can be reprogam that in-turn reprogram a mircochip plus consider that these nanite are capable of healing someone body imortal isn't strech if you look marvel and logan. logan heal factor maintain his imortal by keep his body heal undo age in same way nanite can...
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    Johnny and V being in same body

    I don't understand why there not an ending for the two to being in same body at same time. split personality is really thing in really world. why not make endings basic off that if they chips that let some take control of your body the chip can be alter with nanite to allow both to live in same body
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