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  1. Rusty0926

    My problem with the new skill tree - and it's effects on combat

    I'm sad because the new skill tree is forcing me to reduce my shotguns recoil in order to get the gore effects I originally had, I got the Gutz shotgun for a reason! And taking away my massive recoil is taking away most of what makes the Gutz shotgun so good. This new skill tree sucks...
  2. Rusty0926

    What is this new update with the perks x.x

    I liked the original perksets, because it didn't force me to get things before other things that I didn't want. NOW with body at 20, I have to unlock the shotgun recoil perk? I found the Gutz shotgun and loved recoil, so now that it's forcing me to upgrade and reduce the recoil on my shotgun...
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