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  1. Dartanbeck

    Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Made Videos and Tributes {SPOILERS}

    This is a short reel of what I've been putting my digital actress through in a world of Cyberpunk
  2. Dartanbeck

    20 million copies sold

    I'm truly proud to be one of those sales! CD Projekt RED, you've really made a game I Love to play!!! Now I just have to train myself to get some sleep! I keep forgetting that bit! LOL Thanks, All!
  3. Dartanbeck

    Old School Player learning New Tricks.

    I love that I'm called "V". This game has many 'tips of the hat' to many things that I think the game creators love. Like giving the dialog option to say :I have a Bad Feeling About This) right before a classic vehicle fix occurs. There are many in the game. When folks are talking to my...
  4. Dartanbeck

    Cyberpunk - Quick Question

    Go visit your trusted Ripper Doc. Change Appearance.
  5. Dartanbeck

    Thank You Dakota!!!

    Dakota, Ever since I started working for you, you've been finding me the Best cars! I love driving every car you've found for me - and they look so freaking Awesome!!! My Colby variants are solid and fun to drive anywhere. Butte is an amazing ride and Brute is beautiful for those times when I...
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