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  1. Onmens

    What game are you currently playing

    What do you mean? I thought it was great that I go the RE7 VR experience without having to buy a headset. :)
  2. Onmens

    What game are you currently playing

    I almost had a heart attack playing Resident Evil 7. Just as Mia was attacking me there was a power outage in the city I live. So I went from stumbling through one dark horror house to stumbling through my own dark horror house with only a lighter in hand. It was awseome!
  3. Onmens

    Improve Photo Mode

    An option to change the time of day would be nice. So you can get the best possible lighting for your screenshot.
  4. Onmens

    Remove the wanted system

    I wouldn't mind the wanted system being gone. If civilians dropped loot or something and you actually got something out of these "crimes" you're commiting it would be a dfifferent thing. But as it stands now any time you get the police on your ass it's either because of an accidental death, or...
  5. Onmens

    If you could be one of the game's characters (other than V) who would it be?

    Ehm.. Judy? I don't have any lady bits myself and hers seemed pretty nice. I'm not sure if 100 years would be enough time to fully appreciate them though.:whistle: Wait, what was the question again?
  6. Onmens

    What game are you currently playing

    With the announcement of... ...I decided to start another playthrough of Judgment.
  7. Onmens

    Decent RPG with normal cutscenes like Witcher 3

    Ehm... The Yakuza games, although I wouldn't call them RPGs, have a bit in common with Cyberpunk. Lots and lots of cutscenes, lots and lots of action, a shitton of side content and fun cities (albeit a lot smaller in size) to explore. Plus it has karaoke! :p And just now I realized this thread...
  8. Onmens

    Decent RPG with normal cutscenes like Witcher 3

    Isn't the Mass Effect trilogy remaster coming out soon? Okay, it isn't fantasy, but sci-fi. Other than that you should really play those games if you haven't already. Ending notwithstanding.
  9. Onmens

    1.2 Ongoing Bugs List

    V's hair has got something wrong with it now. (PS4 pro) And it might just be just my imagination, but overall my new V's seem to look worse in photomode than my pre patch V's did.
  10. Onmens

    Bumping into people around NC

    The patch notes say "friendly" NPCs. Maybe people just stopped liking you. :D
  11. Onmens

    Bumping into people around NC

    In the list of patch 1.2 changes it says: Bump reaction for friendly NPCs has been disabled. So, that's probably it. :)
  12. Onmens

    What is this key for? And unreachable access point!

    The key is for a locked drawer which you can't open anymore after you find the computer. And the access point just points to the spot where the computer was hidden, I think.
  13. Onmens

    Which character do you dislike most?

    Fred. I thought he was an okay dude up until the final fight. Then he hurt my feelings. :( "I believe in you, V!" my ass.
  14. Onmens

    Missoins That can't be completed

    The only mission I remember having to spend a point on is the one with Brendan. I only had 3 in body and needed 4 to move the container. Not sure if there is another way to move the thing. I wasn't willing to try throwing grenades at it, or driving my car into it. :p
  15. Onmens

    "A" is for "Arasaka

    I is for I don't know how this game works. :rolleyes:
  16. Onmens

    Now playing [music]

    My favorite french punk band. It also happens to be the only french punk band I'm familiar with.
  17. Onmens

    Now playing [music]

  18. Onmens

    Now playing [music]

    I'm sticking with the puppy theme today.
  19. Onmens

    Now playing [music]

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