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    I just reached Rank 8 and I am NOT going to play Ranked till Season Ends

    The patch won't be til next week at best. The community guessed it would be today or tomorrow but it was never confirmed by cdpr. New leaders will be end of the month. Burza's tweet: For those asking about updates: - Some balance tweaks and changes we highlighted in the stream are coming...
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    Bug involving Naglfar and Weavess: Incantation

    Thank you! Clearly I don't play the card much and need to read it :)
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    Equip More Leader Skills via Cards + Additional Keywords for Less Binary Outcomes on the Board

    I love all of your ideas to reduce binary interactions, which seems to be a general community concern. I disagree with Mana entering the game. I know that might have just been an example, but I don't think we need something like that because then it starts to turn into hearthstone or mtg. I...
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    Bug involving Naglfar and Weavess: Incantation

    I was not under the impression naglfar puts the unplayed gold at the top of the deck. Are you sure that is what it says?
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    Orders are GWENT's Number One Issue

    I think you have definitely identified the issue with foltest right now. Orders were intended (I am assuming) to be balanced because their strong effects have to wait a turn to be used, however, with foltest all the strongest order cards are activated instantly, therefore removing the balance...
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    I just reached Rank 8 and I am NOT going to play Ranked till Season Ends

    I completely agree about the ranked system. It promotes stopping playing toward the end of the season. It also makes games stressful (imo) because I am so worried about losing rank and ha in to grind back up before season ends. I think that also discourages deck experimentation. You can't afford...
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    Can't have fun with sihil in the game

    Basically what the title says. I hate sihil in any deck, but this emhyr one is intolerable. I want to play gwent and have fun, but running into sihil .Ames me so angry there is no fun to be had. Jason, you hate sihil too, please please please do something. Give me a reason to play. Yes, for...
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    [UPDATED] Changes to GWENT’s economy and full mill value refund policy

    Totally reasonable. People that put time into the beta have their reward of full premium collection, and going forward even footing for everyone :)
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    I've got Shupe's Day Off by crafting. When play it, nothing trigger, just doomed.

    No, you can't have a copy of any card in the deck you out shupe into. If you put two of any card in your deck (not collection, just the deck) than shupe does not work.
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    The real true problem behind Homecoming

    ^ yes, all of this. I think the reason control is still a thing (speaking as someone who favors it) is because when engines get going they trash a board. By a LOT. Ever play demavend and not manage to control every single engine? They only need like two to survive to win, which is insane. But I...
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    New hotfixes for GWENT and Thronebreaker are live!

    My command tent is still bugged, always shows an exclamation point as if something new is there, but it is not there. Also, still some stuttering toward the end of battles.
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    Monsters seem a bit overpowered right now...

    Oh the point slam of open beta I do not miss you. We have only one deck that really does it right now, so I supposed that is a step in the right direction, but that's why it is an issues; it has insane temporary in any round. It can win a card down too if you don't draw your answers. Personally...
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    Controversial and Brief Thronebreaker Review

    You are correct to title this controversial. As a woman I don't particularly appreciate it. I found meve engaging and empowering. I think you vastly underestimate the audience being mostly male, as the days where only boys play video games are long gone. I work with young kids and it is equal...
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    Suggestion: Button to report roping

    You could be right. If you block so many people you don't have opponent's you might learn your lesson ;) I definitely think it is a good middle ground since reporting has many flaws as others have mentioned. At least this way cdpr doesn't have to waste time with reports
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    Usurper Balance Suggestion

    I tried playing usurper and it is not easy to win with. It is frustrating to run into as other leaders, but it is beatable because it tends to have low tempo. So while it is annoying I am inclined to say it is ok the way it is.
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    Suggestion: Button to report roping

    This is a pretty good idea. But I could see it getting abused like you mentioned. I can tell you after facing a sihil yesterday that was doing 8 damage by the end of the game I would have probably hut that block button, and that would not be the right use for it. Rage and saltiness might mess...
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    New Player need help These are the decks most prevalent right now and it includes an excellent brouver list :)
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    Roadmap Overview – Live Stream 12.12.2018

    They promised regular hot fixes and seasonal patches, so to me that feels pretty quick and responsive. Like you said, we will see how it ultimately goes, but I am optimistic with the plan.
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    New Player need help

    Special cards have the little fire symbol in the top left corner. They are things like spells and alchemy cards. I would say you could debate which leader is the strongest, but the most versatile is probably brouver, in my opinion.
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    GWENT Roadmap overview

    With Jason being the director I feel awesome! He has such a genuine love and passion for the game. He was also very open and transparent. Gwent is not dead! Long live Gwent and Jason!!!!
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