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    You're playing this game wrong!

    Oh ok, I misinterpreted it then. There are actually a lot of situations where this is possible, even when it seems like there isn't. Several encounters that have, say, 3 or 4 possible dialog branches only one will lead to talking it through and all others will lead to a fight. I ran into it a...
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    You're playing this game wrong!

    Is this to say that you can currently not talk your way past the thugs outside Fingers' clinic? because you absolutely can. I have played that part twice now on two different characters with two completely different specs; Nomad netrunner/ninja (Reflexes-Intelligence-Tech, Katana and hacking...
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    So they do consider Borderlands' loot farming an exploit in 1.11

    Or you toss a grenade up there and blow it up.
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    Is that real? I have to imagine I have crafted at least 3k individual grenades and armadillo mods during the 200 hours of my first playthrough and I never got a corrupted save. I also never used any of the item duplication or crafting material exploits either though so maybe it's a combination...
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    The degree of discussion around 1st/3rd person, modding V, and V vs the endings, is evidence of CDPR being onto something...

    I completely agree with OP about the first person. I genuinely would almost never play in third person if they gave me the choice. I have felt so much more like I *am* V in this game than I have ever felt in any other game. Before playing I thought no third person would bum me out. After playing...
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    Cyberpunk Fashion Week - V on the catwalk

    Any way you could PM me the specific mods you are using from nexus? I'm having a hard time finding ones that seem to do what you have done here.
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    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Where did you find a leotard?!?!
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    Second Opinion/Death & Taxes still a myth?

    I'm also curious about this. I did a lot of searching both in game (during Automatic Love), and on the internet and have yet to find an answer from anyone official. It would be neato if someone from CDPR could just come out and say yes or no on this one, since a lot of people have been asking...
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    You can earn Perk Points until all of your Skills have reached the respective levels of the Attributes they are under. Example: If you have Body at 18, and Cool at 12: You can earn Perk Points through leveling Athletics, Annihilation, and Street Brawler until each is level 18, at which point...
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    [BUG] Typo of city name spelled "LEAVING NIGTH CITY" in overhead sign

    This is a texture, there is no way that it was an accident. It's probably intended to be vandalism. Also, are you really riding a motorcycle with a hi-vis vest for safety, but not wearing shoes?
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    [Suggestions] List of features to Add/ Improve/ Expected/ Missing. Feel free to add your own.

    I really truly 'only' want 5 things: 1) I don't actually even care about third person. The devs were right about that call; I not only got used to it, I realized it significantly increased my immersion and feeling like V was actually me. I went back and played Control and Mass Effect and third...
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    The only enemy that kills you often is

    This has been the single thing about this game that really frustrates me. Everything else is whatever, and I'm on PC with a lot of power so I have zero performance problems, but this... is really damn stupid. 1) Tanks or other flammable objects should absolutely not explode instantly when hit...
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    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Where did you find this white version of the jacket!?! I neeed it! 1611543939 Those scavs really ended up regretting bringing me back to their hideout Moar Judy, pls I took his car, and then decided to rub it in a little Some of my random ones 1611544971 My alternate Vs for trying...
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    Move on.

    This is exactly what they shouldn't do. This is what EA did with Andromeda, and Anthem, and the people who genuinely liked the games and couldn't wait to see where they went got royally screwed over because the companies listened to stupid crap like this instead of standing by their project...
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    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    My new Corpo V And Streetkid V
  16. StickyLiver

    Show me your outfit of choice!

    I need this jacket in my life 1609814112 Man I really wish I could find Pozer Jackets in literally any color. 1609814526 We had the same idea!
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    Kabuki Twins are INMORTAL

    Man, that dickhead in Arroyo is literally impossible to beat without these.
  18. StickyLiver

    Show me your outfit of choice!

    This is the outfit I've been rocking for most of the game. It's the best combination of armor value and aesthetic I could find up til now. I prefer the jacket from my avatar but I can't find one better than Uncommon yet.
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    (PC) No nude on First Person View, Mirrors, Photo Mode. [Not a Bug]

    Also experiencing this bug. Noticed it this weekend. Very strange, makes me want to wait to keep playing in case it ends up making a romance scene lame. I suppose worst case I have to replay it... not like I wasn't already going to. I did go and do the scenes with both of the joy-toys on...
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