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  1. Scryar

    NOT AN IMPROVEMENT i.e REVERT? What is your Favorite 1.3 Patch "Break"?

    What dialogue has been removed?
  2. Scryar

    The Music in CP77 is amazing!

    Campaign and combat music... I agree with. Radio is another matter. Personal taste and all but imo 90% of the radio music is awful.
  3. Scryar

    Apartment Room

    The really frustrating thing about this is that the same company already did a way better vesion of a housing system a few years ago. In Blood&Wine they introduced an upgradable house with an outdoor area. . You got bonuses for sleeping and reading. You could display your armor, weapons...
  4. Scryar

    Rank CDPR games.

    1. Witcher 3: Imo it's a masterpiece. I started another playthrough recently and no other game I played has such a great atmosphere. Regurarly I stop and just watch the beautiful landscapes. The soundtrack is fantastic, gameplay is decent (great with mods), characters are superb, writing is...
  5. Scryar

    Is she bisexual?

    Thanks to the male dialogues being in the game files, people can create mods to make her romancable for male V's. So no, they should not delete them.
  6. Scryar

    Patch 1.2 — list of changes

    I'm a bitt confused about the difficulty changes. One of the most common criticism is how easy the game is and how op you become at some point, even on the highest difficulty. Instead of rebalancing skills and most importantly improving the enemy ai there are several changes which make the game...
  7. Scryar

    Can we talk about the in game advertising for a sec?

    The ads fit perfectly. What doesn't fit is that the city itself doesn't follow suit. The city itself is weirdly tame and prudish. For instacne all the dancers/strippers in their daily clothes...
  8. Scryar

    Wow I just realized how short this game really is.

    I enjoyed the main story but can't deny that I was way shorter than expected. When the game warned me about the "point of no return" I expected it to be a isle of mist warning and not the final battle if we compare it with Witcher 3. My biggest issue though is that CDPR has been straight up...
  9. Scryar

    Employees and developers are speaking out...

    I don't think many people blame the developers. Internally on the other hand they are usually the ones being blamed if something doesn't work as it should. Many people in the management have the mindset that if they can keep the deadline for the power point presentation about a product the devs...
  10. Scryar

    Employees and developers are speaking out...

    I think anybody he works or worked in the tech industry knows how bad the situation in many companies is. Imo the main issue is that the management often has no clue about how difficult it is to create a complex product. Most of them studied something like business administration and have no IT...
  11. Scryar

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

    Is there actually any proof that any nudity aside from the PC outside of the inventory screen wearing pants was censored between 1.03 and 1.04? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying CDPR wouldn't do it. I think they have shown some really shady practices with Cyberpunk. Practices I didn't expect...
  12. Scryar

    Will Cyberpunk 2077 be mod friendly?

    There is a modding discord with around 1.5-2k peoploe online at each time. Hundreds of them are working on modding tools Even if CDPR doesn't release any modding tools, I expect the game to have more mods than Witcher 3 did. And Woitcher 3 had already a decent amount (over 4k on nexus). Seeing...
  13. Scryar

    I'm expecting more discussion about The Witcher IV

    Won't happen anytime soon. They are no under fire from their customers. Their image as the "good guys" got heavily damaged and they won't get the goodwill they got with Cyberpunk with the next Witcher game before they make the Cyberpunk into the game they promised. That's what they need to focus...
  14. Scryar

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

    Semi related question. Did anybody actually seen this Valentino symbol anywhere? It was shown in several previews but didn't notice it anywhere in the game during my 40h of playtime.
  15. Scryar

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

    Thats's the weird part. There are sexualized ads everywhere. I was just standing in front of a billboard in city centre and there were 4 different ads of half naked men next to each other. On the other hand the city itself is weirdly prudish. Fully clothed strippers everywhere. And for 1/3 of...
  16. Scryar

    Rank CDPR games.

    Witcher 3 Witcher 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Witcher 1 Thronebreaker I think Cyberpunk could actually be my favourite in a year or two if they fix the issues, release good addons and the modding community creates the game I expected it to be
  17. Scryar

    The lack of 3rd person view

  18. Scryar

    What is the current stance on mod tools/support?

    Pretty much. The framework is there. Night City looks gorgeous, it just need to be filled with interesting stuff aside from killing gang members at every corner. This game could become a huge modding playground if CDPR releases the proper tools.
  19. Scryar

    What is the current stance on mod tools/support?

    [...] People are working on the tools. I have high hopes for the modding community of the game. Game desperately needs it. Updated the link. It was a wrong one before.
  20. Scryar

    If romance DLC becomes a thing who do you want to have added?

    I would like to have some options to flirt with people. They don't have to lead to anything. . It's really weird how V can barely flirt with anybody despite the setting.
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