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  1. Nithing

    Mentioned but missing features list

    The nudity is weirdest for me. I don't need nudity in a game wouldn't think anything of having either more or less in this one, it's just the incongruity that confuses me. You can customise your penis and breasts in the CC but also, prostitutes keep their bras on during sex?
  2. Nithing

    Let us change the V appearance

    I expect this'll be added. I don't know why but it seems fairly common for this feature to be added later (Skyrim, DAI and the additional hair styles in Witcher 3 spring to mind)
  3. Nithing

    [POLL] Well. Here at last.

    They come here to complain about perspective and remonstrate about what constitutes a 'true RPG'
  4. Nithing

    [POLL] Well. Here at last.

    Pretty excited. My excitement has been somewhat tempered because I won't be able to play it straight away; my PC's a potato and the PS5 doesn't exist
  5. Nithing

    Is the PS4 version censored compared to others, or was there just a censorship option activated?

    Just speculating, but a censorship menu option would be in line with their streamer friendly approach, along the same lines as the option to turn off copyrighted music edit: nevermind didn't read OP properly
  6. Nithing

    What does everyone think about "THRUSTING AND VARIOUS POSITIONS" CONFIRMED.....

    Depends on how explicit it is. Mass Effect: Andromeda had a scene with visible thrusting (show from behind, no genitals)
  7. Nithing

    Meredith romance

    Tsundere Meredith is all I want, don't care what sex I have to be
  8. Nithing

    No Subway in Cyberpunk 2077

    At its most basic a public transport system is basically fast travel that you have to experience in real time, which defeats the aim somewhat. I'm sure you could do more with it, but as far as quests go, there aren't many that couldn't be transposed to a different location, so why waste the...
  9. Nithing

    Summer of Gaming Demo Poll

    Other - I don't really need specifics, I'm happy for most of it to be a surprise, just an up to date look at the world would be nice. One thing I definitely want to be a surprise is the CC.
  10. Nithing

    Gang feature: The Mox

    That's fair, I just don't remember where the information about The Lizzies come from. I was under the impression that we saw the earlier trailers and collectively reached the conclusion that they are a poser gang, based on nothing but their name.
  11. Nithing

    Gang feature: The Mox

    Pretty sure they're the same. The Lizzies have the same logos in the 2018 footage as The Mox do know.
  12. Nithing

    Really rare trophy bug

    I couldn't see the achievement 'Something More'
  13. Nithing

    Mysterious Tower serous screw up

  14. Nithing

    Mysterious Tower serous screw up

    Sorry about that. Maybe a dumb question, but are you sure you have place the neh'tza sephirah in it's obelisk already?
  15. Nithing

    can we have longswords as well?

    I think the reason for Katanas is because Night City has taken and blended a lot of cultural elements from Asia generally and Japan specifically. If you wanted a sword in the style of a European longsword (probably actually bastard sword, to be technical) or arming sword you would have to get it...
  16. Nithing

    Weekly Poll 4/15/20 - What are you gonna play it/own it on?

    I hope not. Given that the game has mostly been developed for the current console generation I'm guessing that, whilst there will probably be some super-duper-ultra-fancy-my-PC-just-burst-into-flames settings, we can expect it to run about as well as Witcher 3.
  17. Nithing

    Which character background will you choose?

    They were part of the character creation shown in the 48 minute demo from E3 2018 but have since been replaced by the more blanket character background options in the poll.
  18. Nithing

    Gang feature: The Mox

    My guess is that that they were called the Lizzies earlier in development but then decided to change it when people (somewhat unsurprisingly) assumed they were a Lizzie Wizzie poser gang. It's difficult to see, but one of the tattoos in the 48 minute game play uses the same skull and bow motif...
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