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  1. Ziffa

    1.3 hype train

    You guys expecting patches like they would bring in new content... they are still fixing the game, they still have not put back online the ps4 and xbox version and probably never will. New content?GL with that, btw it's cut content added back just to quiet down all the shitshow.
  2. Ziffa

    Still Bad Optimized

    Check your temps. Make sure to have latest Nvidia driver Check with MSI Afterburner GPU/CPU % Some settings live volumetric fog are the one that eat the most in terms of FPS.
  3. Ziffa

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    If this are the main 3 core point of the upcoming patch, i'll have to say that that Cyberpunk future doesn't look bright at all. Let's hope that full patchnote is worth the wait.
  4. Ziffa

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    DLC hopefully will be free
  5. Ziffa

    Is this game an rpg?

  6. Ziffa

    3RD PERSON MOD for walking

    It would have been better to just add cutscene where you could see your char, now people ask for 3rd person cam because of that. As other user said, it will be probably be a thing when and if multiplayer will be added.
  7. Ziffa

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    We went from delayng the game to delaying the patch for the delayed game. We are in early access anyway might aswell test the game for free a little longer. My enjoyment is delayed
  8. Ziffa

    So What Ya Expect from That PATCH 1.2 coming this month?

    I remember when 6 months after battlefield 4 launch, they released a patch that needed 2 post to fill. Let's hope the same because jenuary patch was very small.
  9. Ziffa

    [SOLVED] IMPORTANT: PC version vulnerability

    A couple of weeks after Cyberpunk launch there was a Trainer cheat uploaded on Nexus, turns out it was a Keylogger and was removed after almost 400 downloads.
  10. Ziffa

    [SOLVED] IMPORTANT: PC version vulnerability

    There was cases of mods uploaded on Nexus with malicious intent (keylogger). While download counts most of the time is a sign of a trustworthy mod, like torrents votes, doesn't mean it's 100% safe.
  11. Ziffa

    Game Difficulty - will Cyberpunk ever be made remotely challenging?

    Doesn't matter the weapons you use, once you spec properly with skills and mods you shred everything. The game is ok till level 20-25.
  12. Ziffa

    The degree of discussion around 1st/3rd person, modding V, and V vs the endings, is evidence of CDPR being onto something...

    Game is clearly better on First Person. People want 3rd person just because the game lacks cutscene where you can actually enjoy your char look.
  13. Ziffa

    How to temporarily fix crafting

    You can't.
  14. Ziffa

    After finishing the story I feel extremely empty inside

    I know a place where you can get an happy ending
  15. Ziffa

    Zoom In permantely bound to R mouse button.

    Certain keybinds are probably hard coded, meaning that you can't change them because the code won't let you.
  16. Ziffa

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Craft bug - Can't drop, sell or disassemble iconic items

    Your weight limit say 99/588, you still have a lot of loot to gather before having issues. I can understand the bug but speaking nonsense just to jump on the hate wagon is childish.
  17. Ziffa

    Save Scumming Revealed Poor Game Design

    They should just leave RNG to white>blue items and keep Iconic and leggendaries as fixed stats.
  18. Ziffa

    After finishing the story I feel extremely empty inside

    Calling it a "rough" release is a compliment. I would say, a big clusterfuck leaded by greedy people that don't care about customers, yeah, that's fit better the situation. Inquisition while not being the same as Origin, still has better characters and way more RPG elements than Cyberpunk...
  19. Ziffa

    Did patch 1.1 mess with the LOD Distance?

    That's how you fix optimization, when the hardware can handle games at 144fps 4K, here, you just remove stuff from the games. If you unistall the game you get max FPS, tested
  20. Ziffa

    No NPCs on Ps5

    Not loosing much since those NPCS are complete braindead, and don't react at all in any way meaningfully. And yes, probably to fix performance issue on Console.
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