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  1. sickzpack

    Gangs Coming after V in 2.1

    I think it just needs to be toned down a bit. Maybe a timer after an attack of let's say between 15 and 45 minutes or something like that. Cool feature, just happens way too often and need a few places where you can't be attacked.
  2. sickzpack

    What do we think of the patch?

    I like it, it also made me realise how hard it must be to test all these things because in all of my 1400 + hours on PC I have had around 5 Major bugs. (None game breaking) Might be 6 as I haven't used sonic shock yet. Haven't even got the sound bug so many people seem to have. Seen others on PC...
  3. sickzpack

    Do CDPR developers prefer mod-users NOT to send their Crash Reporter?

    Yeah same here, only send crash reports if it's un modded
  4. sickzpack

    Please fix the stealth

    Stealth works fine, you just have to invest a little bit more in it. As far as not being able to 1 shot anymore... BS lol. I'm one tappin most enemies on hard with a silencer. Been able to do that with only 9 points in Stealth (15 on V. Hard, diff playthrough) up until lvl 40. Of course enemies...
  5. sickzpack

    Minimap Gone

    Happened to me as well, quick saved then quick load fixed it
  6. sickzpack

    Major 2.0 and Phantom Liberty issues

    Most of my crashes are occur when i have RT on. Turn it off = No crashes
  7. sickzpack


    Noticed this as well
  8. sickzpack

    Patch 2.01 coming soon (known issues)

    Traffic still needs tweaking, annoying as F... :)
  9. sickzpack

    Fps drop after opening / closing a menu or talking to a NPC

    Same issue here, had it since 1.6 Seen loads of people with the same problem on steam and reddit
  10. sickzpack

    crafting components after 2.0

    I've got components coming out of my ... Need to level up a bit and then it pretty much start raining decent tier weapons and clothes you can scrap
  11. sickzpack

    Why did you kill stealth netrunning?

    Sonic shock is your friend...
  12. sickzpack

    Bugs after Patch 2.0

    Yep, same here. Started fresh too, no mods.
  13. sickzpack

    What game are you currently playing

    Starfield for another day then dumping it for 2.0 :)
  14. sickzpack

    Patch 4.04 is live on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch!

    Update failed E4 on GOG...
  15. sickzpack

    Mod that adds npc that can upgrade your weapons.

    Anyone know if there's a mod that adds npc's that can upgrade your weapons and armour for you for a price? I find myself always taking at least 12 Tech in all my playthroughs lol
  16. sickzpack

    Grafic glitch while dismatle items

    Yep, I have this as well. New Playthrough. Started In 1.6
  17. sickzpack

    The really weird decision of removing clothe mods/specs from vendors.

    About 6 hours in to a new playthrough with no mods, already found armadillo and street cred crafting specs. (and a few others I can't remember)
  18. sickzpack

    Crash Instantly if Journal (J)

    This just started happening to me yesterday.
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