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  1. Wragan

    Favorite female characters in games?

    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya and Jack - from the Mass Effect series Leliana and Morrigan - from the Dragon Age series, especially from Origins, since they are both companions there Serana - from the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim - Laura Bailey is one of my favorite female voice actress, she can make any...
  2. Wragan


    Dear Devs! The basic idea is not a bad one! Fans - who care about this kind of stuff - can get another collectible. Someone who haven't got the main game (and the DLC, of course) can get into the game with already armed with The DLC. Also, Xbox players who like to own their games physically...
  3. Wragan


    There are time-sensitive quests (not many, though), but calling Judy after the beginning of Act II isn't one of them. From what I could tell, if a quest isn't time sensitive, you can do as many other things as you want (you can max out your level and gears before even doing any main quests in...
  4. Wragan

    Phantom Liberty - The story just doesn't... work for me? (some spoilers included)

    While I had several problems with the A or B dialog options in the DLC, I have the feeling you are missing some of the background lore of the game. Night City is an independent state - it literally has border control between it's region and the NUSA. Myers has no authority in NC, if I got that...
  5. Wragan

    David and his crew should be in game.

    Just to be clear: Are you suggesting Time travel or Necromancy? 'Cos there are some serious differences.
  6. Wragan

    No Wakako gigs

    What you should consider is that gigs - at least to my knowledge - could have requirements to show up: - Your character's Level! If you are bellow the required level, some of the new gigs (after you done the actual amount provided by the fixer) won't show up (the game won't show anything about...
  7. Wragan

    Phantom Liberty Thumbs Down.....

    As LeKill3rFou mentioned - correctly - the length of your survival is what matters. Also, combat wise, that's far not what the whole DLC will be.
  8. Wragan

    Is Herold only selling Iconic weapons from Base Game?

    What I have seen so far, I believe he should sell from both the Base game and Phantom Liberty, but he's bugged very badly. What I experienced (with absolutely no mods used, so nothing affected the game): - He sold Apparition right from the point when I met him from the first time (for every...
  9. Wragan

    My favourite game, now dead

    True! Well, at least, Cyberpunk 2077 has HABOOBS!
  10. Wragan

    My favourite game, now dead

    Weapons having parts/ways of usage where they are better/more effective is perfectly fine - I have never argued with that. I did, and will, argue that while trying to get rid of the "everything build" problem, they reduced the POSSIBLE ways that a player could use weapons effectively. I would...
  11. Wragan

    Phantom Liberty - The story just doesn't... work for me? (some spoilers included)

    I took that - quite well pointed out by you - difference as both Reed's own complexity, his coping with his lack of options to change anything and his delusion of sticking the "values" of the FIA and the NUSA he himself knows (consciously or unconsciously) have nothing to do with "how things...
  12. Wragan

    Phantom Liberty - The story just doesn't... work for me? (some spoilers included)

    Not sure if this was patched, but there was a time when I had already done all the Nomad quests, V was on Panam romance path and had a phone talk with her (casual one, not quest related) - there, you could talk about some of the new things happening during PL. BUT! When I went to the Aldecado...
  13. Wragan

    My favourite game, now dead

    Then answer me this: could you create/make/come up with any other build for, say, Power Guns than the ones predetermined by the Perks? One that would even come close - not surpass or even 100% equal - the damage output/effectiveness against enemies? Up until the point where you could have a...
  14. Wragan

    Phantom Liberty - The story just doesn't... work for me? (some spoilers included)

    If I recall it correctly, the plan was something like The Witcher 3's DLC-s - multiple big, content filled DLC-s. Then the base game release happened. So, I think you hit the nail on the head with PL coming much later. The things you achieve in it, and everything that's happening there - all...
  15. Wragan

    My favourite game, now dead

    And they even failed to do those justice! In Diablo 2, you get skills, which you can use with whatever weapon/gear/set up you want! In Doom, you only stop shooting if the gun runs out of bullets or when you die - not when you run out of breath!
  16. Wragan

    *SPOILERS* Phantom Liberty characters, analysis

    THERE COULD/WILL BE HEAVY SPOILERS, YOU HAD BEEN WARNED! In this post I will give my thoughts on the main (for me, at least) characters of the Phantom Liberty expansion/DLC. I will mostly focus on the writing of the characters, but will go over some part of their involvement in the story...
  17. Wragan

    My favourite game, now dead

    Well, I have finally reached the point I knew I will reach - faster than I thought I would. Thanks to the messed up skill tree rework, I have left with no intention to play the game (and the DLC). I already know what would happen if I went with pistols/revolvers, shotguns, power AR/SMGs etc...
  18. Wragan

    Iconic Kappa Missing

    If it's the one I think it is (I only know about one Kappa Iconic), then I had previously found it during (!) a Gig, in Dogtown. (So the spawn location can be right, just not at the time you went there) Also I only did that Gig once, so I have no idea if it remains there after the gig (or...
  19. Wragan

    My problem with the new skill tree - and it's effects on combat

    I remember playing CP2077 while it still had the original skill trees. Did I had the "everything build" feeling sometimes? Yep, no denying that. Can't say that it ever bothered me that much - I played with the weapons and style I wanted, and ignored the rest, 'cause I still had fun - and most...
  20. Wragan

    Returning player's suggestions - Base game and DLC *SPOILERS*

    I see now, thank you! I will edit my post.
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