13900K - Wheas 19 und BSOD shader compilation in UE5 games



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Hi. PC:
13900K stock
2x16 GB DDR5 GSKILL 6800
Rtx 4090 Gigabyte Gaming
Aorus Elite Z790 AX
Seasonic 1300W PX ATX 3.0 PCIE 5.
win 11

Each new install of nvidia drivers, and launching Remnant 2 ( the same UE5 engine like Lords OTF ), then on first launch ,during shader compilating it throws OUT OF VIDEO MEMORY and it can BSOD.

Next launches are fine.Just on first launch of the game, during compiling shaders.

The same thing happened on game Lords of The Fallen. And next launches are fine.

But like i said it will bsod again if i install new drivers and launch game for first time.

Also found ,Wheas 19 logger warnings/entries in moment when shader was compiling. Nothing more

Here are entries:

That one WHEA 19:
Corrected Machine Check
Translation Lookaside Buffer Error

And that one: WHEA 19:

Internal Parity Error

Also. I tested by Karhu Ram test no errors. Cinebench R23 passing. Games are stable. Prime95 Small FT stable no errors.

But should i rma cpu or ram?
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