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2.47 GB Patch Downloading - Notes?

2.47 GB Patch Downloading - Notes?

Just checked and Origin is downloading a largish update. Any ideas? Where do I look for patch notes / announcements?
I've been trying to download and it gets almost done and jumps back to 30% I'm sure it's crap origin that has something to with it. Can't play without it. Sweet..
If it does'nt finish this time im getting my money back and going to steam

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Did it again. going to steam.
It says i have no games that qualify for a refund...LOL..I knew going in I should'nt buy from origin..Oh well, last one I will..Going to steam.
today is launching day of japan..
I heard that it is some language patch for korean & japanese(w/voice)

but I not sure there is hotfix in/excluded.
don't expect too much :|
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Yeah, origin did this constantly with battlefield 4. have the time I could'nt play without searching the for the fix..Alreasy downloading on steam..Bye Bye Origin. I recommend no-one buy from them.
Playing now - just says v 1.02 - but I don't remember if it said that before or not. Keeping an eye out for mem leaks and crashes - will report back.
I had a patch download in Origin as well. Mine finished. About to play now. Will update if I see any changes.

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Confirming it still says 1.02.